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joliennathalie.com Will Be Back September 1st

I know a lot of you really love my flatlays but I'm very hard on myself when it comes to being creative with my photography. I always want to do better, improve my skills and be the best beauty blogger I can be. Even though I had a bunch of content ready to publish, I've decided to take 2 weeks off to recollect and start fresh on the 1st of September.

H&M Precision Makeup Sponge Review

I've been receiving quite a few requests lately to review the H&M Beauty Makeup Sponges. I like the H&M Beauty brand and I love applying foundation and concealer with a good makeup sponge! H&M has several products that are staples in my everyday makeup routine and they are really affordable, a little bit more affordable than regular drugstore products in fact. Their precision sponges for example only retail for €3.99 each! No wonder people want to find out if they're any good. I think H&M is doing great beauty wise so I decided to go for it and try 2 of their precision sponges.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Now Available In Belgium

If you've been following me on Youtube for the past month you know that I am a part of the Urban Decay #youlookbetternaked squad. I was invited to an Urban Decay event, together with 4 other youtubers, to be part of the new Urban Decay Naked Heat reveal here in Belgium. Today the palette has officially launched in my country and in order to celebrate I have hooked you all up with an Urban Decay Naked Heat makeup tutorial! Of course I will be reviewing this gorgeous new Naked palette on my blog soon and I'll be sure to have everything ready with swatches and close ups!

Therapy Update: Regretting Your Past

It's been a long time since I've made a therapy update, mostly because I've been enjoying living my life as a (rather) happy person, but also because I don't really know what to say anymore. I've chatted about this on my Snapchat, that I feel like I'm done talking about my childhood and my upsetting experiences with my therapist. It's not that I think I'm healed from trauma or that I have processed absolutely everything, I'm literally just at a loss for words. Going to therapy for more than a year has truly been the most eye opening experience I've ever had, and I guess I'm just trying to deal with the magnitude of it all. When I think of all the things I have learned, about myself, about family, friends and mental illness in itself, I am relieved but I'm also horrified. I'm slowly but surely quite embarrassed for some of my behaviour and thoughts I've had in the past.

Freedom & I ♥︎ Makeup NOW AVAILABLE at Kruidvat

If you've been following me for some time you know that I announced a while ago that Kruidvat was discontinuing their 2B Colours makeup display. As much as I love the 2B Colors CC - and Illuminating Correcting Cream, I have to admit that 2B is a brand that is rather boring compared to their competitors. They never really follow makeup trends or release exciting limited editions, and their newest products aren't always that exciting. I asked Kruidvat why & when this change was going to happen and while they were fast in confirming the brand was indeed disappearing from their stores, my 'why?' question was left unanswered. To be honest I already kind of knew they were going to replace it with another cosmetics' brand, but I didn't know which one. Makeup Revolution and MUA were my first guesses, I was wrong! Over the weekend I happened to jump in one of the Kruidvat drugstores and there it was: brand new FREEDOM and I HEART MAKEUP displays!