Why I'm Not Skipping My Makeup Routine While In Isolation

April 07, 2020

Bae makeup

Makeup is my happy place. It's part of my self care routine. It makes me feel confident, beautiful and put together. I want to feel all those things - regardless of being in isolation. It doesn't matter whether I'll be leaving the house or not, seeing other humans or not, I'll pass by one of the mirrors in my home and be like damn, you look nice. The pigeons will see me glow during my biweekly toilet paper shop. Maybe I'll be able to snap a cute selfie outside, sniff a little bit of that freedom we all just lost. When I saw everyone tweeting that their skin would be clean, fresh and spotless from not wearing any makeup during the COVID-19 quarantine I squirmed. That's not how that works honey, just in case you hadn't noticed, this isn't a skin care holiday. We are all suffering a global pandemic and you'll most probably be breaking out more than you usual. Here's why I won't be skipping my makeup routine!

It's great to let your skin breathe once in a while but I don't believe that not wearing makeup is the solution to great skin or the solution to cope with this pandemic. As someone who struggles with acne, I can tell you that I'm a lot happier when I wear some concealer. Feeling happy makes for less acne and comes with a more forgiving attitude about the fact that I have acne. A global pandemic is the right time to take care of your mental health and for me makeup is good for my mental health. This is why I spent my money on beauty products right before the lockdown, because that is my safe space. What is your safe space? What makes you happy? What makes you feel good?

If you're used to wearing makeup to go to work or to school - or whatever you would leave the house for before COVID-19, I suggest you do the same while being stuck at home during this lockdown. It doesn't matter whether you apply it at 9 in the morning or at 3 in the afternoon. Doing your makeup will make you feel better, it will reduce stress and it will give you something to do. Take this time while in isolation as an opportunity to take care of yourself. This isn't about keeping up appearances, it's about creating healthy routines or maybe keep up with them. Another great reason why you could wear a little bit of makeup every day is because you will be more likely to be practicing your entire skin care routine in the evening. We are more dedicated to our skin when removing a full face.

I've been doing good while in isolation so far. The toughest part for me was right before my period and during. I didn't realise how much I relied on meeting my friends and enjoyed running errands to keep my mind off my ever cramping uterus and moody, overthinking brain. Trying to keep up with my regular schedule has definitely helped. If you're looking for self care tips for staying at home and being productive during the lockdown, I made a list of 43 things you can do to keep yourself busy.

Stay safe, stay home and take care. Xx

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