Cheap Makeup Sponges Review - Better Than The Original Beauty Blender And Only 2 Bucks!

March 01, 2020

Primark Makeup Sponge Review

Makeup sponges, beauty blenders, makeup blenders, whatever you want to call them - they haven't gone out of fashion following their first appearance way back, in the year 2007, when the Original Beauty Blender started taking over the world. They've become a staple in every beauty lover's makeup routine and they haven't stopped making headlines since. Makeup sponges are the absolute best for blending and applying makeup. So good that nearly every beauty brand started making sponges and blenders of their own, including Primark. I've tried many Primark makeup blenders and a lot of them are great and some of them not so great, this time I believe I've found an absolute gem: the Primark PS Makeup Blenders. 

Primark Beauty Blender

After years of going back and forth between the Original Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge I got tired of how expensive these brands were and how quickly their sponges would actually get damaged, that by a simple squeeze. I honestly don't remember this being an issue in the very beginning. Now, the sponges tear no matter how gentle I am when I use or wash them. "You're not using or washing them correctly" just doesn't cut it for me. As much as I've loved these tools I've had doubts about their quality for a while. The miracle complexion sponge for example isn't as soft as it used to be. I don't remember the last time I used a brush to do my foundation and I'm confident I know how to use and care for a makeup sponge. Anyway, it was probably time that I started trying some other makeup brands again so I did and I was determined to save some money also. I found out H&M has some great ones but they're not as easy to get a hold of, or at least not in Brussels where I live. They're barely stocked up on and when they are they're sold out immediately. I love the off white H&M Beauty precision sponge, the one with the little ridge, it retails for €3.99 and it's great quality. I needed a better plan so Primark was next on my list, I hadn't tried any of their makeup tools for a while so I thought why not.

Primark PS Makeup Blender dry (left) and damp (right)
Primark PS Makeup Blender dry (left) & damp (right)

I purchased the leopard print box of Primark PS Makeup Blenders that retails for €2,50 and I was genuinely surprised about how much I loved them. I actually think these are better than any makeup sponges I've ever tried. There's 2 blenders in the box: one that looks like a teardrop and one that is slightly longer in shape and has a flat surface on either side. They're super soft when dampened, they blend makeup really well and they don't tear when they're being cleaned. I think the material is slightly different, the tiny holes these sponges have are even smaller than what I've seen before and you can't see them on your skin when applying makeup. I went back to purchase 2 more of these boxes because I was so impressed with the quality. Both sponges are equally great, I  personally don't have a preference, you can also buy them in white and pink if you like. The black ones were an easy choice for me because it just makes them seem less dirty after each use, of course you still have to clean them just as regularly as the white ones. I recommend you give them a go if you're looking for new makeup tools. I'm glad I'm finally going to be saving some money on these. I'm hoping Primark will keep these in store for a while!

Primark Makeup Blenders

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