5 Things I've Learned Livin' La Vida Lockdown

March 27, 2020

Instagram fashion choices are from a past life and hobbies now include dancing on TikTok, social distancing and toilet paper shopping. COVID-19 has taken over, the coronavirus is in full swing and life looks a lot different that it was just a couple weeks ago. Here are 5 things I have learned so far by staying at home during this apocalypse quarantime.

Having a pet really is the best

Even though she never spends a lot of time by herself, Chloé our free roam bunny has been overwhelmed with joy since the COVID-19 lockdown has started. She is so happy to have 2 humans at her disposal she has forgotten what sleeping is. If you didn't know already, rabbits sleep during the day and are mostly active in the morning and evening, social distancing has changed all that. She is loving the company and she's super happy. Before the lockdown I was looking to get her a (neutered) boyfriend. I have already purchased everything to host the new bunny and got new toys, I guess this will have to wait for now.

It's not that hard to stay at home

I can't relate to how lost everyone feels being at home. Of course this doesn't include the many professionals who have lost their jobs or those who are unwell and (might) have caught the virus. I'm talking about everyone who is fine but incredibly bored and feeling lost at home. I understand where this comes from because as a stay at home girlfriend this was my reality for a long time but I can no longer relate to being so miserable because being at home is the life I live. I am sad however that my plans for getting back to work have come to a halt. I recently registered as a job seeker and I had plans to train for job interviews but everything is closed and funnily enough - just like that I'm back in my comfort zone. I love being at home and I'm happy at home. I love how easy it is for me. I have great self discipline and a solid daily routine I can rely on. The only difference is that I can't go outside and that my partner is working from home. I knew I was an organised person but it was only by social distancing and seeing so many people struggle online that I realised I'm actually really freaking good at organising, self care and keeping myself occupied. I know it will start getting more difficult over time because you can't leave the house but we'll see. The weather is good, Spring is back, I love that my partner is home, I'm bonding with friends I haven't talked in ages over this pandemic. So far I feel good.

I'm a DIY queen

I've siliconed the shower, I filled holes in the walls and fixed the grout in the bathroom and kitchen. I repainted a peeling kitchen cabinet. I'm ordering some macrame online for a home decor idea. I've never done (or intended to do) so many DIY projects in this short amount of time, it's actually crazy. I'm not bored, I just feel like doing them. I have an inkling it has to do with the sunny Spring weather, sunshine has always brought me inspiration, I'm guessing the lockdown is turning it into home renovation inspiration.

People have weird priorities during a pandemic

I'm not going to lie, seeing people bulk buy toilet paper was anxiety inducing. In my local supermarket all the pasta and rice were gone, plus frozen veg and canned tomatoes. I, in true beauty blogger fashion, went to get a refill of my makeup remover. It was the only thing that was running out in my entire beauty routine (makeup included). I had a feeling everything would close and I was determined to look fabulous, social distancing or not. We are now 2 weeks into the lockdown and I'm fine, I am however confused about the fact that my mom hasn't reached out to ask if I'm okay. I don't think she has reached out to any of her kids to be honest, she has 5. We don't have the best of relationships but when we do talk they are good conversations. I could call or text myself, true, but I still find it strange that even during a global pandemic she doesn't bother to check up on the family she created. Unless she doesn't actually believe this pandemic is problematic, who knows.

More than ever I'm aware of my privilege

I think a lot about privilege. I learned about it when I started listening to more and more podcasts where they love having open discussions about this topic. I realised that not everyone is aware of their privilege (as was I) and I just don't want to be like that (anymore). The amount of people who are losing work right now because of the measures taken for COVID-19 is absolutely devastating. The ones who were already vulnerable are even more vulnerable. I scroll through twitter and the stories are heartbreaking. I cannot imagine the stress that comes with suddenly not being able to pay your rent, bills, food because of a global pandemic. You'd think that after being a stay at home girlfriend for many years I'd be aware of how great my partner's job is. I wasn't. The lockdown started and he was able to work remotely. No problem. Life is just like it was before and that for most people in my family. My ignorance scares me sometimes. It's not that I didn't know but I think I've taken many things for granted over the years. I've complained about the small apartment I live in but right now I'm really happy in this small apartment. I'm safe and healthy. I won't forget that anymore.

How are you experiencing social distancing? 

Is your country in lockdown? 

How are you feeling?

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