40 Self Care Tips For Staying At Home & Being Productive During Coronavirus Lockdown

March 20, 2020

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic we all seek to occupy ourselves and try to find a new sense of normal staying at home during this lockdown. Whether you are in isolation, in quarantine or have been social distancing to stay safe and healthy in this difficult time, I've compiled a list of self care tips you can practise to help you keep a positive mindset and maybe pick up some new habits to stay motivated and make the best out of a very unfortunate situation. Here are 40 things you can do at home while in lockdown!

1. get dressed every day to increase focus

2. take things slow

3. open your windows for 30 min every morning

4. make your bed

5. establish a new routine and (work) schedule you can rely on

6. work at a desk, kitchen counter or table to increase productivity

7. video chat with your colleagues, family and friends to keep up with your social life

8. plan your meals and snacks so you have great meals to look forward to

9. practise yoga breathing exercises to relax

10. exercise at home to get rid of built up stress

11. take on a cleaning or decluttering project

12. recognise that this lockdown is only temporary

13. remember that your body is your home and you are safe

14. start a journal or write down a few sentences every day about how you're feeling

15. drink plenty of water

16. start a blog and get creative

17. listen to podcasts and audiobooks

18. play board games that have been catching dust in your cupboard

19. catch up on your favorite tv shows

20. wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day

21. make sure to give each other space if you don't live alone, practise setting boundaries

22. if you live alone schedule coffee breaks or after works with friends or family via video or audio chat

23. share your social distancing stories on social media

24. try to experience this difficult period of time as an opportunity to learn new things about yourself

25. get some rest

26. don't sweat the small stuff, it's not important

27. make a top 5 of the books you've been wanting to read and set a reading goal

28. watch cute animal compilations from The Dodo

29. remember it's okay to be bored

30. download the Radio Garden app to listen to free music from all over the world

31. spend lots of quality time with your pet if you have one

32. practise mindfulness

33. take a long bath or shower

34. achieve a clear mind set by making sure you have a clean and organised home

35. try cooking a new recipe

36. remember that a bad situation is the best time to be good to each other

37. take a short walk outside or spend some time on your balcony if you have one

38. make a list of things you're grateful for

39. finally do that something you've been putting off for the longest time

40. wear your favorite perfume

41. don't avoid wearing your best or fanciest outfits at home

42. keep up your beauty routine or start a new one

43. think about your plans for the future, what is the first thing you'll do after the lockdown is over?

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