The Perfect Makeup Staples For Dry & Acne Prone Skin

February 05, 2020

If I had the choice I'd wear the same makeup all year long - my skin very much disagrees with me on this and has been particularly dry lately so naturally it was time for a change. When you have acne prone skin the worst thing that can happen is that the products you are using cause breakouts so investing in trying new makeup or skin care can sometimes be a difficult step to take. My skin isn't only acne prone it's also dry and sensitive, meaning it will turn red any chance it gets so I'm always extra cautious. I make sure that what I'm using is non comedogenic, that it is suitable for sensitive skin and that it doesn't contain too much fragrance or other irritants. It can handle some but I prefer to keep it to a minimum of course. Here are my current makeup staples for hydrated, glowing skin in February!

Cerave daily moisturising lotion 

Usually, my skin will get tired of dealing with the same moisturiser after about 2 months, it will start breaking out and have a little bit of a fit. Not with Cerave apparently, this lotion has proven to be great for acne and as a makeup base for dry skin. The texture is unlike anything I've seen before, it's not a cream and it's also not a gel. The lotion sets really quick but doesn't feel dry or tacky or weird, your skin is simply nicely moisturised and you can see it taking care of irritation and inflammation. I wouldn't say it actively treats acne, it simply helps to calm down the skin. I have tried the Cerave hydrating face cream as well but apart from 1 ingredient, the cream is exactly the same as this lotion so I now use the face cream only when I travel as it fits perfectly in my makeup bag.

NYX Bare With Me prime set refresh multi tasking spray

If you're in need of an affordable multitasking makeup spray, NYX's new Bare With Me is worth a try. One of the most important things to consider when wanting to include a makeup spray in your routine is actually the way the nozzle of the bottle will mist the product. The NYX multitasking spray has a beautiful fine mist and the formula is great. The way I like to use this is actually by directly spraying the liquid in my foundation, before application. 2 Pumps of foundation with 2 pumps of the NYX spray, simple. My foundation last longer and blends in easier, so instead of spraying it on top of a full face, it's in my makeup already. I don't mix it, I just spray it on top of the foundation, that I've pumped onto my hand or makeup sponge, and then start blending.

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation 16h

The Bourjois Healthy Mix has been around for a very long time and rightfully so. It's probably one of the best dewy drugstore foundations there is - apart from the Maybelline Fit Me, maybe, but they don't have a shade that fits me during the Winter season so - Bourjois it is. I use the lightest shade there's available, 51 Light Vanilla, which is suitable for people who have a fair skin tone with a yellow undertone. I forgot how much I enjoyed this formula, I hadn't used it since they changed the packaging, the bottle used to be round I think. I love how lightweight the foundation is, how easy it is to blend and how healthy my complexion looks when I'm done doing a full face. It isn't a longlasting formula but the foundation is easy to touch up throughout the day with some powder, which is honestly all I could ask for. I'd rather look dewy than dry. Anyone with dry skin knows how much your makeup can look like a mess when it's dehydrated and flaky.

NYX #nofilter finishing powder

One thing I've learned wearing a lot of makeup over the years is that dry skin is the perfect base for baked makeup. Baked blush, baked bronzer, baked highlighter, baked powder, baked anything! The texture of baked makeup is super soft and velvety which makes blending onto dry skin absolutely effortless. There's no streakiness and no latching on to dry patches because baked makeup originally is a cream product which is baked for a period of time until it becomes solid, so they're not drying to the skin. You can recognise baked makeup products by the fact that most of them have a dome shape and/ or have a marbled effect. The NYX #nofilter finishing powder is a silica-based baked powder with a mild satin finish. I purchased the shade Porcelain which is perfect for fair skin with a yellow undertone. It's my new favorite setting powder. It looks great on top of my foundation and I love using it for touchups throughout the day.

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