Redken Nature + Science Hair Care Review (It's Vegan)

November 26, 2019

Redken Vegan Shampoo

Not many people know this about me but I'm very conscious about my hair. I can easily have a bad day when I think my hair doesn't look good. My natural hair looks nice and healthy but I've dealt with an oily scalp my whole life and my thin blonde hair has little to no body. Therefore, hair care is very important to me. I get it cut and coloured every 3 months, I make sure I don't over wash it and, when I do make time to wash it, I use professional haircare. The new Redken Nature + Science shampoos and conditioners are on the top of my list right now. I'm very grateful that I got to try this new launch. I've been gifted hair care samples by Redken many times in the past and they are absolutely amazing. Whereas most of their formulas are silicone free, paraben free and sulfate free this one is also vegan, the fragrance is of 100% natural origin and the packaging is made with recycled plastic. Let's have a look.

I find that having an oily scalp is a bit like dealing with acne. Just like with my skin, I've always seen the best results using nourishing products with kind ingredients that will work with your skin instead of against it. The Nature + Science All Soft is the formula I gravitated towards the most because (I'm very much into a nude brown aesthetic right now and because) of its hydrating properties: birch sap, which is meant to treat dry and brittle hair. I'm not the biggest fan of natural shampoo scents (not gonna lie) but I do like that my hair looks really shiny and bright after using the Redken All Soft shampoo and conditioner. It has body, it looks super healthy and it's easy to manage. A little tip I have, for when dealing with an oily scalp, is to use the conditioner before your shampoo. Your hair will still benefit from all the ingredients while you let the conditioner work its magic but you'll shampoo the product out so your scalp doesn't become greasier faster. If there's anything I know about conditioner, is that no matter how hard I try to not let it get in touch with my scalp, it always ends up going there anyway. The Extreme Fortifying shampoo (blue bottle) I figured was great to use when I was due to get my ends trimmed. The formula, which contains lupine protein, would help to soften up my split ends and prevent them from snapping any further. I immediately noticed this particular shampoo makes for great volume. Your hair is soft but isn't weighed down. The reason why I love and recommend Redken shampoos in particular is because they are sulfate free, which isn't the case for a lot of drugstore shampoos. Sulfates are chemicals used as a cleansing agent which are also found in cleaners and detergents. Since going sulfate free my hair has only improved. It also heat styles so much better and shows less damage.

Redken Vegan Shampoo

Redken Nature + Science Hair Care

Have you ever tried professional hair care before? I started just about 3 years ago. I wasn't quite aware that the products hair dressers use are that much different from what you can find at the drugstore. I thought they were simply there to give the illusion of a spa experience. They aren't, I saw a major change in the way my hair looks and styles ever since. Is your hair in need of serious pick-me up? Would you like to switch to a cleaner and more natural hair care regimen? Maybe Redken can help! You can find all their products in Redken hair salons.

Redken Sulfate Free Shampoo

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