23 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You're Living Your Best Life

April 17, 2019

Everyone wants to have their shit together, or most of us do - or want to make it look like we do. Sometimes, doing life just isn't that easy and that is where we fake it until we make it. Some of us have it just that little bit easier than others to make it look like we're okay when we're actually not. As a person who suffers from depression and anxiety I'm confronted with ignorance about mental illness every day. People think I'm fine because I like to wear makeup and nice clothes, have a clean house and am in a long term relationship. Mental illness can mean many things and has many different ways it manifests itself. You don't look sick, they say. Well, here are 23 ways to trick people into thinking you're actually living your best life. Where's my Oscar for pretending my life isn't falling apart?

1. You make your bed

2. You keep your houseplants alive

3. You regularly post on your socials

4. You arrange the cushions on your couch

5. You own a pair of Chelsea boots

6. You recycle your waste

7. You regularly go to the hairdresser

8. You buy the softest toilet paper

9. You often plan city trips

10. You wear matching underwear

11. You have a lot of friends

12. You collect books

13. You appreciate a good glass of wine

14. You have a nail care routine

15. You share your Netflix subscription

16. You love Scandi design

17. You pick up phone calls from unknown numbers

18. You have savings

19. You have a bin in your bathroom

20. You like to cook with fresh basil

21. You like to hit the gym

22. You read the news

23. You know who your neighbours are

What makes you feel like you're nailing your existence? Leave it in the comments! Mind you, I don't actually have many friends, travel a lot or read many books but I do know what makes it seem like others have their shit together. When I'm feeling particularly unwell I find it very hard to deal with the stigma surrounding mental illness. Everyone always has a cure - just do this, they say. Thanks but no thanks. I don't need your advice and I didn't ask for your advice. Out of all the people I've ever been open to about my struggles in real life, which included qualified doctors and family members I'm close with, my hairdresser is the only one who's ever said something truly meaningful to me, she said: give yourself now what you missed out on as a child. I felt that.


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