Hema BAE Makeup Review - Glossier Dupes?

March 14, 2019

Hema Bae Makeup

Hema has released a new makeup line called BAE. It's vegan, cruelty free and features a lot of similarities with the Glossier makeup, beauty and skin care brand. Glossier has been known for their ultra sleek, simple packaging - and for products that really encourage us both as a consumer and a customer to embrace natural and light weight makeup looks. I'm impressed by what Hema has created, their new BAE makeup range looks amazing, on trend, the products look promising and they're super affordable. We're talking makeup on a budget. I wanted to know, is their new makeup a success? Let's find out together in this Hema BAE makeup review!

Hema BAE Makeup

Hema BAE blush in a tube €5.50

The BAE Blush in a tube is one of the most obvious Glossier knock offs in this collection. I have to say Hema really hit the nail on the head with that one, it's incredibly pretty. They've released 3 different shades, a pink blush named lovey dovey, a peachy blush named peach baby and a nude blush, which is the one I purchased, named sweetie pie. At first I couldn't quite believe what came out of this blush tube. The product was dark and seemingly glittery, not as nude and neutral as the packaging would suggest. Luckily, blended in with your finger tips it sheers out very nicely and looks beautiful. It most certainly has the effect of a highlighter, so keep that in mind. I personally love shimmery blushes as they help to give some dimension to the face and a healthy glow. I don't have a lot of experience using blushes from a tube but I was very surprised by this formula. It sets nicely, even when blended on top of powder products. That is actually my favorite way to use this blush, after my makeup is already set. I've used it underneath my makeup as well, and that was fine, but I liked the look of it more used the other way. The Glossier Cloud Paints sure have some competition here!

Hema Blush In A Tube

Hema BAE face gloss in a tube €5

Even though I didn't actually purchase the face gloss in a tube, I wanted to give you my 2 cents on it anyway - because I did have a chance to check it out in the store and trust me, it wasn't pretty. I had it on my list of products to purchase, simply because the packaging is another perfect knock off from the Glossier Balm Dotcom skin salve. Boy did I change my mind quick when I got to swatch this face gloss in person. It's a tube full of gloss and glitter, that's all it is. I cannot imagine this being a great makeup base. It contains actual chunks of glitter. Nothing I'd want all over my face, ever. So, if you were interested in maybe buying it, you have been warned. The packaging is cool, I agree, but the product itself not so much. Obviously this is solely based on my first impression but I trust my experience and knowledge of makeup - this I would only give to my 5 year old niece to play with.

Hema Bae Blush

Hema BAE dewy refresh & set spray €6.50

I purchased the BAE dewy & refresh setting spray because I'm in love with the packaging. It's pink, cute and minimalistic. I'm not tossing this bottle when it's empty, that's for sure. It will go straight into my travel makeup and skin care kit, to be used as a refill. Yay for recycling - but hey let's get in to the review. I've tested this BAE makeup setting spray 2 different ways, on top and underneath makeup. Because the mist of the component isn't as fine as I would like, I personally prefer to use this product as a makeup base to prep and hydrate the skin. It works great that way. When a makeup spray doesn't have a fine mist it just isn't as effective being used at the end of a makeup routine, it doesn't go on evenly. For the price however, it is a very nice dewy refresh spray that isn't oily in the slightest and will enhance your makeup. I also very much enjoy the scent of this setting spray. It smells fresh, floral and sweet.

Update August 2019: As a person who struggles with acne prone skin this product has been a godsend. I still use the Hema BAE refresh & set spray, on the daily, as a primer underneath my makeup. It's great at moisturising the skin, it doesn't clog pores and it offers an excellent base for foundation and concealer. I love it and I'm at my second repurchase.

Hema Bae Makeup Setting Spray

Hema BAE shake up skin tint €6

I like the BAE skin tint and I think it is a great and affordable product but I'm not that eager to recommend it and here's why. Judging from what I've seen in Hema and from what I can find on their website, we can all agree that the shade range of this BAE foundation is poor and unacceptable. They released 6 shades and basically none of them are options for people of color. It's a shame to see that the Hema makeup team has been living under a rock. Any makeup brand, at this point, should know that their makeup should be, none other than, inclusive (from the very beginning). I'm disappointed, to say the least, especially because they do have other makeup that is (more) inclusive so why not BAE? The formula of the BAE skin tint blends in really well, it does not accentuate pores or get into fine lines, it has a beautiful, natural coverage and only retails for 6€. It's not the most long lasting formula but I've been comparing the longevity of this skin tint to my, usual, €17 drugstore foundation and it only lasts a little bit less than that one, so it definitely gets a thumbs of from me. The product does exactly that it claims to do, I only wish that it were for everyone to enjoy. Apart from that, I wouldn't recommend this if you are looking to cover up scars, blemishes or acne, the formula is too light weight for that purpose. That being said, the skin tint does work great paired up with different products from different brands. I haven't had any issues so far with it either looking patchy or blotchy using my own concealer and powder. I purchased the lightest BAE skin tint, 01 natural tan, which is neutral in color. Even though the shade is too light for me I was glad to see I didn't turn into a pink mess, which is often an issue with low budget foundation. The skin tint is also great used with the BAE dewy & set spray.

Hema Bae Foundation Brush

Hema BAE highlighter oval blending brush €6.50

I've recently started using brushes again to apply my foundation, for the simple reason that it's actually much quicker, for me, than when using a makeup sponge. I love the oval brushes from Primark but these new makeup brushes from Hema are much prettier looking. I decided to purchase their highlighter brush (which is way too big to apply highlighter by the way, literally no one would actually apply their highlighter using this thing). I wanted to have a feel for the quality of the new BAE brushes, to see if I liked them, and this brush is okay. It's big for a foundation brush. Their actual BAE foundation brush is even bigger, mind you. I'm not sure if I'll purchase any of the other 4 brushes they have available. I'm a person who has loads of makeup brushes so I'm also not in need of any. If you're looking to update your collection you can give them a go. They're basic, pretty and practical.

Hema Bae Makeup Review

Overall, I like the Hema BAE cosmetics. While they do need to improve some products in their new makeup line, I think they're well on their way. The items I choose to review are budget friendly and good quality. I'll definitely be purchasing from them again. What do you think of BAE? Anything you'd love to try? 


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    1. It does, I'm so guilty of buying makeup simply for its gorgeous packaging - Even though Hema did a great job I do wish we could actually purchase Glossier over here :) Xxx

  2. "I'm going be honest" .. "I lied" <-- I don't know if I can trust you anymore! :P

    Too bad they don't have a wider range in colours.

    Thanks for the review! :)

    1. Haha I'm a self confessed honest liar :P
      You're welcome! Xxx