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My vagina hurts

My issues started in 2012 with something that felt like a UTI. It wouldn't go away. Months went by and eventually years passed. I was suffering a lot. I constantly felt like I had to pee, urgently. I'd be in so much pain I'd go to sleep with a hot water bottle in between my legs and wake up during the night, crying. Pelvic pain can have many different symptoms: pain during or after sex, pain when you pee (or in my case even when I didn't pee), lower back pain, ovulation pain, cramping before or during your period, just to name a few. I'll only be speaking of my own personal experience of course. I'm not a professional, I'm just a girl who wants to help out. My pelvic pain became so severe that I started self diagnosing on Google. I wanted things to make sense, I was desperate. Suffering from pelvic pain really can take a toll on you, your self esteem, your self confidence - and being intimate when your vagina hurts just isn't that simple. I'd always had a great sex life and I was determined to have that back. Here's how I did.

Every single time another famous name hits the news my heart drops. It was drugs, it was alcohol, it was the fame, the fear, it hurts, deep. The amount of pain and suffering that person must have gone through is a struggle that is all too familiar for many of us. Every loss is a reminder about how important it really is to openly speak about mental health, on how we approach mental health topics and how taking the time to educate ourselves could quite literally save lives. Many of us are saddened to hear when another celeb has taken their own life, for those of us who have struggled or are still struggling with suicidal thoughts - we think about how it could have been ourselves. Suicide is a symptom of a disease, of a battle that many of us are facing and fighting, every day. A celebrity's suicide is yet another warrior we have lost. A person wounded so deep they wanted the pain to stop.
Hema Bae Makeup

Hema has released a new makeup line called BAE. It's vegan, cruelty free and features a lot of similarities with the Glossier makeup, beauty and skin care brand. Glossier has been known for their ultra sleek and simple packaging - and for products that really encourage us both as a consumer and customer to embrace natural and light weight makeup looks. I'm impressed by what Hema has done, their new BAE makeup range looks amazing, on trend, the products look promising and above all they're super affordable. We're talking makeup on a budget. I wanted to know, is their makeup a success? Let's find out together in this Hema BAE makeup review!

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