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Skin Care Routine For Acne Prone Skin

There's nothing more staggering than having great skin your whole life and waking up one day with a face covered in acne, in your late twenties. I didn't know what to do, I'd never needed a skin care routine before. I could use pretty much anything they had at the drugstore; cheap makeup wipes, moisturisers, face masks, budget foundations and primers. I quickly learned that those days were over. Now I know what serums are, toners, products with comedogenic ingredients. It's taken me 2 years but I've finally reached a point where I'm really confident and happy with my skin care choices. Of course, I still have instances where my skin isn't having the best time but thankfully I manage to cope with those moments as well. My skin is smooth and more importantly fresh and happy. So, if you are someone who struggles with adult acne or with acne in general, here are my personal skin care favorites and recommendations for treating and preventing breakouts successfully.

When I was younger I used to feel guilty about a lot of things. Things that were out of my control and that often weren't my responsibility. I feel a lot of sadness about the way I grew up, if only my parents had dealt with their demons when they should have, I wouldn't have spent my childhood with all their feelings nagging on my heart. Many times I was desperate and I wish I would have learned back then that I shouldn't have been carrying around that pain that wasn't mine. It wan't easy to let go but I did. Now I feel guilty about other things, my lack of self confidence is one of them. I also have a little bit of a hard time adulting sometimes, I don't trust myself just yet. I'm hoping that writing everything out will help me to put some of my struggles into perspective. Here are 4 things I feel guilty about right now.

I wouldn't say I have the worst track record of being a friend but it's for sure not getting any better as I'm getting older. You see, when we are young we're kind of forced to do the whole socialising thing, but now that I have aged, now that I'm damaged and now that I have absolutely no desire to put up with bullshit, it's definitely gotten worse. I've always considered myself as someone who's easy going and kind but it's hard being a good friend when you struggle with your mental health. It's hard to make friends and it's hard to keep up with friends. I'm not good at keeping up with people. I'm good at being a girlfriend and a best friend to my boyfriend but that's about it. I'm not a flaky kind of girl but I ghost, a lot of the times. I mean, imagine trying to ghost the person you live with, that'd be weird.
Rabbit Care How To

You were stupid enough to buy a bunny for Easter so what do you do now? Don't worry, we'll figure everything out, no reason to panic just yet. When I got my first pet rabbit I also didn't know what I was doing, we are now almost 1 year on and I cannot imagine not having my baby bunny. You see, ChloƩ was an impulse buy at a pet shop, I imagine yours was too, and even though that was definitely already mistake number one when it comes to getting a pet, being a bunny parent can be absolutely amazing. Anyway, let's look at the hard facts: you got a bun and you need to take care of it - well I have news for you, forget everything you think you know about rabbits because you're wrong and most of what you were told at the pet shop was a lie too. So, here's your guide to being the best bunny parent you can be!

Everyone wants to have their shit together, or most of us do - or want to make it look like we do. Sometimes, doing life just isn't that easy and that is where we fake it until we make it. Some of us have it just that little bit easier than others to make it look like we're okay when we're actually not. As a person who suffers from depression and anxiety I'm confronted with ignorance about mental illness every day. People think I'm fine because I like to wear makeup and nice clothes, have a clean house and am in a long term relationship. Mental illness can mean many things and has many different ways it manifests itself. You don't look sick, they say. Well, here are 23 ways to trick people into thinking you're actually living your best life. Where's my Oscar for pretending my life isn't falling apart?
L'Oreal Tecni Art

Back in November 2017 I finally found the courage to see a professional hair dresser and transform my look. I'd always had nice, long hair but it was thin, flat and lifeless. I decided to cut it short and ask for balayage highlights. I wanted volume and I wanted hair that was easy to maintain and to style. Hello glow up! I'd made an entire Pinterest board to show my hairdresser exactly what I was inspired by and I've been going to the same salon ever since. It's been 2 years of touch ups every 3 months and even though it definitely is a luxury my hair has been worth every penny. It was also then that I started to realise how important it actually is to use professional hair styling products and tools, to have healthy bleached hair. L'Oreal Professionnel Belgium kindly sent me an array of their new Tecni Art hair products, to test and try. Everyone knows, L'Oreal makes a great hair spray but what is Tecni Art all about? When I do my hair I want to be confident that it will stay. I want to feel and look beautiful. More importantly I need a product that I can trust. Here are my thoughts!
My vagina hurts

My issues started in 2012 with something that felt like a UTI. It wouldn't go away. Months went by and eventually years passed. I was suffering a lot. I constantly felt like I had to pee, urgently. I'd be in so much pain I'd go to sleep with a hot water bottle in between my legs and wake up during the night, crying. Pelvic pain can have many different symptoms: pain during or after sex, pain when you pee (or in my case even when I didn't pee), lower back pain, ovulation pain, cramping before or during your period, just to name a few. I'll only be speaking of my own personal experience of course. I'm not a professional, I'm just a girl who wants to help out. My pelvic pain became so severe that I started self diagnosing on Google. I wanted things to make sense, I was desperate. Suffering from pelvic pain really can take a toll on you, your self esteem, your self confidence - and being intimate when your vagina hurts just isn't that simple. I'd always had a great sex life and I was determined to have that back. Here's how I did.

Every single time another famous name hits the news my heart drops. It was drugs, it was alcohol, it was the fame, the fear, it hurts, deep. The amount of pain and suffering that person must have gone through is a struggle that is all too familiar for many of us. Every loss is a reminder about how important it really is to openly speak about mental health, on how we approach mental health topics and how taking the time to educate ourselves could quite literally save lives. Many of us are saddened to hear when another celeb has taken their own life, for those of us who have struggled or are still struggling with suicidal thoughts - we think about how it could have been ourselves. Suicide is a symptom of a disease, of a battle that many of us are facing and fighting, every day. A celebrity's suicide is yet another warrior we have lost. A person wounded so deep they wanted the pain to stop.
Hema Bae Makeup

Hema has released a new makeup line called BAE. It's vegan, cruelty free and features a lot of similarities with the Glossier makeup, beauty and skin care brand. Glossier has been known for their ultra sleek and simple packaging - and for products that really encourage us both as a consumer and customer to embrace natural and light weight makeup looks. I'm impressed by what Hema has done, their new BAE makeup range looks amazing, on trend, the products look promising and above all they're super affordable. We're talking makeup on a budget. I wanted to know, is their makeup a success? Let's find out together in this Hema BAE makeup review!
30 Things I Learned In 3 Years Of Therapy

3 years ago I walked into my therapist's office for the first time. I'd been advised by a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist to check into a mental health unit which I declined, so following that I was sent to the one and only therapist that they had available at their own public facility. It was rough, I was considered a danger to myself by a doctor, and some weirdo, and then told by this new person, a random mental health counselor, that there wasn't anything wrong with me. I was so mad, little did I know that she'd help me turn my life around, forever. I'm no longer the person I was when I walked in there, I've grown so much since then. Things are not perfect today but I'm well on my way to become the healthiest and happiest version of myself. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't think I'd still be in therapy now. I'm trying to be patient, to be at peace with my journey and to allow myself to heal at my own pace. As a reminder of how far I've come I made a list of 30 things I learned in therapy in the past 3 years. I hope you can learn something from it too and that if you are having a hard time, it will help you remember that you can make a change and if not now, later. Don't make yourself feel guilty for things you can't do, I promise it's not going to rain forever.

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