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The Best Mental Health Tweets

My smartphone is an endless pit of screenshots about mental health, mostly tweets, that encouraged me to keep going every single day and to keep believing that I'm going to be okay. Tweets, from strangers, that reminded me that struggling with your mental health isn't something to be embarrassed about, that it is important to talk about our feelings and to be honest. Be honest with ourselves and with the people around us. I wanted to share some of those with you today because the new year is starting and that is something that I've personally always struggled with. New beginnings. Change. I've done a lot of healing in 2018 and I'm planning on taking that energy with me but I'm also afraid. Have I done enough? I embedded a bunch of amazing mental health tweets, for you and for me, to make sure we remember that we're worthy and that it's okay to be afraid, that we have done enough and that we are enough.
Jolien Nathalie

The past six months have been a lot of letting go. Letting go of past feelings, letting go of my past self. I didn't realise to which extent I was actually attached to being depressed and how much I identified with depression as a whole. I pride myself a lot, right now, on the fact that I surround myself with positivity, creativity, people who show vulnerability and that I am part of a supportive community - not only in real life but also online. I follow people who inspire me, who show growth, great work ethic, respect women, understand the importance of mental health and who love having a good laugh. 2018 is soon coming to an end and I'm saying goodbye to my low self esteem, goodbye to depression, anxiety and hello to an improved me. Hello to a strong woman who has embraced healing and has finally started forgiving and believing. Who has learned to trust and accept herself.
Anxiety What To Do

I got this question a while ago on Instagram and I thought I'd revisit it on my blog today. I think that many people don't realise that there is a difference between having anxiety and suffering from an anxiety disorder. Everyone has anxiety once in a while - and having anxiety isn't always something bad, in fact it can actually be helpful when it comes to pushing yourself to reach your goals. But when you suffer from an anxiety disorder, it means that your anxiety is so bad that it is preventing you from living a healthy and happy life. Severe anxiety can come in a lot of different forms and can have a lot of different causes. In my case it was caused by childhood trauma and my symptoms vary from heart palpitations, to excessive sweating, shortness of breath, itching, fatigue, excessive worry, fear and lack of concentration. Helping yourself when you're particularly anxious is hard because it often stops you from being able to think rationally, you're so worried that you're not really capable of distinguishing facts from feelings. Here are some of the things I do when my anxiety is taking me for a run.
Urban Decay Naked Cherry

Even though I've taken a step back from the beauty blogging community this year, makeup is still a big part of my life. I love plastering on a full face! It makes me feel beautiful, it makes me feel like a little bit of an artist and it definitely is something that I consider to be self care. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy doing my makeup, it just makes me happy. 2018 was the year I really started focussing on my mental health, and makeup helped, a lot. I do have to say that as a stay at home girlfriend I probably spend a little too much time in front of the mirror but then again, if I can afford to, why not? You're right, I'm going to enjoy this until the very end. Also, I don't think I've ever had a better makeup routine! Being a former beauty blogger I stopped buying a lot of makeup just for the sake of review. I started focussing more and more on products that I actually liked instead of purchasing items simply for my site. I've had the same makeup routine for about 6 months now so I think I've got my personal face favorites pretty narrowed down. It's a mix of super affordable budget makeup, drugstore makeup and high end makeup, here we go!

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