NEW Pixi Highlighter Duo Review

September 11, 2018

Pixi Highlighter Duo Review

Today marks a special day on my blog, I'm going to be reviewing my first ever Pixi makeup products! I received a gorgeous PR parcel in the mail by the Pixi team and now that I've had time to play around with the samples, I cannot wait to share with you my experience trying products from this amazing brand. The Pixi Glowy Gossamer Duo Highlighters definitely were the items in the parcel that caught my eyes immediately, I'll be reviewing the duos called Subtle Sunrise and Delicate Dew, here are my thoughts!

Pixi Glowy Gossamer Highlighter Duo

To me a great highlighter is defined by how well the product wears and blends into the skin, its pigmentation and lastly the longevity of the formula. Subtle Sunrise is a warm toned duo, with a combination of a gold and a copper shade, Delicate Dew has a cool undertone, with the combination of a pink and bronze highlighter shade. The new Pixi Glowy Gossamer Duos are beautiful, they are pigmented and very smooth. If you're a fan of a beautiful wet looking highlight, this is definitely the glow you're looking for. You can choose wether you wanna go full on, and blind everyone in your vicinity, or choose for a delicate, girl next door, type of shine.

Pixi Highlighter Duo Review

Pixi Highlighter Duo Subtle Sunrise Delicate Dew

Even though these are highlighters, this is exactly the type of product I also like to use to shape my face and really go for a makeup look with a lot glow-(di)mension. The darker looking highlighter of these duos is great to warm up your cheeks, the perimeter of your face and sometimes even the bridge of your nose. That last one is something I love to do to create the illusion of having a beautiful tan and that pretty, sunshine holiday glow. The one where your cute nose looks like it's about to peel but it's not gonna because it's a Pixi highlight and it's gorgeous!

Pixi Highlighter Duo Subtle Sunrise Delicate Dew

My favorite is definitely Subtle Sunrise, I love warm toned highlighter anything! It really complements my skin tone and the formula lasts for ages. I'm very impressed by my first Pixi products and I'm excited to try more! Some of you asked where you can buy these in Belgium, after I featured them on my insta stories and in my latest new youtube video, and the answer is online at, not only do they sell these beautiful new Pixi highlighter Duos, they also have lot more Pixi makeup and skin care products to shop from!

Pixi Highlighter

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