NEW Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water

September 25, 2018

Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water

When Garnier released their first Micellar water, back in the days, I felt like they definitely were everyone' saving grace, as there weren't many available in drugstores, escpially for those of us squeezing pennies. They created exactly what we wanted: an affordable product, that is gentle for the skin and great at removing all of your makeup. The pink micellar water in their range has been a repurchase of mine probably over a 1000 times. It wipes your makeup right off so formula wise they have most definitely nailed it. Garnier has released many more micellar waters since then but right now we have something entirely different and exciting again: the Garnier Skin Active Oil Infused Micellar Water, suitable for delicate skin and eyes. Garnier is so excited about their newest product they sent me a bottle to try it for you! Does it work? Let's have a look!

Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water Review

If you follow me on instagram you saw, when I opened this PR parcel, that the Garnier team didn't only send me their new makeup remover, they sent me a new waterproof mascara right along with it, to make absolutely sure that I was about to give their new baby a good go. At first I wasn't quite sure why but you guessed it already - their new micellar water removes waterproof makeup! I've been using both products religiously since I've received them and they work really well, I'm impressed. I like what Garnier is doing recently, I love their new line of body washes, they recently released an SLS-free shampoo and their hair and face masks are honestly really good. This is a brand I often go back to and for good reason, because their products work and this new oil infused micellar water is no different. If there is one little remark I'd give the brand it's that this new formula can cause some stinging to the eyes, so maybe it isn't quite as delicate as the name suggests? Apart from that I like using it, the product is not greasy, it removes waterproof mascara exactly like it should and I've enjoyed using it as an extra step in my skin care routine. I recently stepped away from using more affordable skin care because of issues with acne. This is the first product I've introduced in my skin care routine again that is affordable, I haven't had any problems and it made me jump with joy! I'll definitely be holding on to this new oil infused micellar water!


  1. It's only a pity that they (consciously and unconsciously) test their products on animals. So I'm no longer buying or using them.
    Love, Karen

    1. I’m sure the brand is aware that is what the consumer wants, cruelty free and maybe even all vegan products. I believe they’re doing their best to make a change. Maybe not as fast as we all hope but we can only encourage them. Laws are changing too so the industry is under pressure and I’m positive we’ll see improvements soon :) you might repurchase from them in the future, they have nice products! Xxx


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