10 Open Hearted Answers Of A Blogger

September 01, 2018

Being part of the blogger community is absolutely amazing. The opportunities are endless and the people you meet along the way are incredibly smart, weird, interesting, different, passionate, which all combined brings so much creativity, dispersed all over the internet - for you to find makeup reviews, food, fashion advice, personal stories and so much more. But with all the highs certainly come as many lows and a lot of drama and tea. I was challenged by Laurence from Laupropos to answer 10 questions about my experience as a blogger and be as honest and raw as possible. We're touching on rather sensitive topics such as earning money with your blog, collaborations gone wrong and our thoughts about the blogging community today. Since she is a fellow Belgian blogger this tag was originally created in Dutch but I've done my best to translate every question as accurately as possible! Here we go. 

First introduce your blog in 30 seconds

My blog is a bit of a mess at the moment, if I'm being completely honest. I like what my blog looks like, the style and the feel it has but it doesn't really cover coherent topics. I'm guessing that I'm slowly turning my site into a lifestyle blog, where I talk about being a stay at home girlfriend, my struggle with depression and anxiety, my passion for makeup and my new furbaby Chloé, who is the cutest free roam bunny ever!

1) Why did you start blogging?

I've always had a passion for writing, I used to write poems, when I was really young, and weird stories about the Second World War. Random, I know, but I was a troubled kid and writing became a way to express myself.

2) How did you get in touch with PR companies?

Having a Youtube channel that displayed my email in every description box - I'd actually say it came pretty easy. Whether they were companies I actually wanted to work with, that was another story. It took a long time for me to say yes. When you blog, people try to hook you up with the craziest things. Keep in mind that I started blogging when signing contracts with blogging networks was a 'big deal'. They were supposed to bring you more opportunities with brands, I'm glad I never did, many of those companies back in the days were quite dodgy and unregulated.

3) Which collaboration(s) do you regret?

The one I didn't finish. I'm not gonna tell you what it was - because they work with many bloggers, but believe me when I say I'm not proud of this at all. I told them I was going to let them know when my content was ready and I never did because I never finished it. They never tried to contact me again, understandably.

4) What is your biggest blogger blunder?

Using copyrighted content. I just snatched images from Google, this is when I very first started blogging, years ago. Embarrassing to say the least! As soon as I found out that was actually stealing I deleted everything and started making and posting my own photos. Lesson learned.

5) How do you experience the blogger world?

Competitive and obsessed with numbers. I feel like it's hard to connect with fellow bloggers and have a genuine relationship. I do like that influencers are becoming more and more important however and that we are finally starting to be taken seriously. I think it is amazing to see bloggers become entrepreneurs, building their own companies, products and invest in businesses. The community is growing and I'm very proud to be a part of it.

6) How many offers do you get per day?

Not every email I receive is an 'offer' to me.  For sure, I don't get offers every day but I am very selective when it comes to the people and the brands I choose to work with. Receiving PR is great, working on collaborations is amazing but it's time consuming and a lot of work. I'm very grateful I get to work together with brands but not every opportunity is the best opportunity for me. It is incredibly important to know your worth as a blogger.

7) Do you earn a lot of money blogging?

I never ask for money, which is something that is frowned upon within the blogging community. I could ask for money, sure, but Belgium has very strict laws - and any kind of income from your blog should be disclosed on your tax form. I find it a little scary to be honest with you. I do wish (Belgian) bloggers would be more open about this topic. Many Instagram and Youtube sponsorships are not being disclosed and it's really disappointing. You're not only fooling and disrespecting your audience, you're fooling yourself and you're being dishonest. It's okay to earn money from your blog but keep in mind that consumers have rights and not disclosing a paid partnership is gonna bite you in the butt eventually.

8) In which manner has your blog changed over the years?

My blog photography has improved a lot and I've changed my Blogger template multiple times. I'm really happy with the one I have now, it's called Corine by Eve. I got it on Etsy, she has amazing blog templates and dope customer service! I'd definitely buy from her again. At the same time, I still hold fast to the same set of rules when it comes to reviewing services or (beauty) products: to be honest with my readers, let them know where I got my products from, whether I paid for it myself etc. I am someone who also tries to keep up with the current trends. I think it's important to stay relevant and have interesting and engaging content to share.

9) Do you know/work together with other bloggers? 

I 'know' bloggers but I rarely get in contact with them or meet up for a collaboration. The blogger social scene isn't really my thing. I did start making some blogger friends more recently - and we do see each other for coffee and the occasional photo shoot but I like to keep to myself mostly. There's always been a part of me that feels like I don't belong because I produce all my content in English. I also don't speak Dutch or French at home (anymore) so I find it difficult to connect with people who do. Believe me when I say that my therapy appointments borderline feel like a Dutch language course. This is something I definitely want to work on though, making blogger friends. It's hard sometimes to figure out blogger stuff by yourself.

10) Best blogging tip?

If you want to blog do it now! Everyone has something new and exciting they can bring to the table and every blogger can become a success story. It's hard to build and find an audience but it's so rewarding once you do! Do not wait.

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