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LOreal Accord Parfait Foundation

A lot of the makeup and beauty products I use, review and promote aren't cruelty free. I've come to  recognise, especially over the past year, that for many of you this is something extremely important - and I want to preface this post by saying that I absolutely understand why you are so passionate about the topic. As a blogger who doesn't exactly share or seem to show any interest about it on her site, admittedly, I'm sure you can see that this puts me in quite an awkward position. When it comes to animal testing and the beauty industry, there's no denial that this is a controversial and sensitive issue that is difficult to talk about as it is a subject that is often met with a lot of anger and disgust. After yet another 'that product is not cruelty free' comment on one of my recent blogposts I thought I'd finally share with you why exactly I haven't gone the cruelty free route and why your comments, more often than not, leave a bad taste in my mouth. I want to share with you that I'm not as ignorant about the topic as you might think and show you that I actually have been changing things up in my life - without talking about it on my socials.

As much as I don't want to admit my mistakes as a bunny momma, I feel like this post is very important to share as there is so much misinformation out there about how to care for a bunny. You see, many of the products sold in pet shops aren't actually suitable for rabbits. To be honest, I'm kind of confused as to how most of the supplies are still allowed to be sold as they aren't recommended by any vet, rabbit rescue groups or shelters. I'm not a bunny expert by any means but I do want to tell you all about what I've learned, which mistakes I made, how I corrected them and how I could have saved a lot of money if I had known all of this information before getting a pet rabbit.
Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water

When Garnier released their first Micellar water, back in the days, I felt like they definitely were everyone' saving grace, as there weren't many available in drugstores, escpially for those of us squeezing pennies. They created exactly what we wanted: an affordable product, that is gentle for the skin and great at removing all of your makeup. The pink micellar water in their range has been a repurchase of mine probably over a 1000 times. It wipes your makeup right off so formula wise they have most definitely nailed it. Garnier has released many more micellar waters since then but right now we have something entirely different and exciting again: the Garnier Skin Active Oil Infused Micellar Water, suitable for delicate skin and eyes. Garnier is so excited about their newest product they sent me a bottle to try it for you! Does it work? Let's have a look!

Even though I've made progress mental health wise, I haven't really mentioned the fact that I've actually been struggling loads since we've been back from our Summer holidays. Overall, I do have a more positive mindset and outlook on life, but my attitude in the last month or so has been very up and down. I'm cranky and angry, I've been crying a lot and I have been having those headaches where the pain stretches all the way down to the back my neck. It's almost as if I've been PMS-ing this whole time and it's causing me a lot of anxiety. At first I told myself - oh these post holiday blues are so real - but it seems like they are never ending and I'm just a little confused as to how I haven't managed to pick myself up again.
Essence Insta Perfect Foundation

Essence Cosmetics recently released a new foundation in their makeup line: the Essence Insta Perfect Liquid Makeup Foundation. It is available in 9 different shades and is super affordable as it only retails for just under 5 bucks. Essence promises that their new #instaperfect makeup has a strong matte effect, with buildable coverage that is long lasting and waterproof, yet lightweight. They also encourage you to mix and match their new foundation, if necessary, to attain your perfect shade. I'm very happy Essence finally decided to be more inclusive with their range this time, they're not quite there yet but it's a start. They previously would only have a maximum of 4 different colors. I do have to ask, when will they finally decide to simply call their foundations a 'foundation'? What does liquid makeup even mean?

Something that has been very close to my heart, ever since I started going to therapy, is self care. Growing up I didn't know what self care was, I wasn't allowed to practise self care and when I did I was expected to feel guilty about it. Everything in my life always needed to have a greater purpose, needed to be about others, about helping people and being compassionate. As a result I've never really been compassionate or understanding towards myself. I never felt good enough as a human being and I thought I didn't deserve anything. In fact, when I would be kind to myself the guilt would be so extreme that I would either become sad or angry, or both. Through therapy I'm finally learning that self care is okay and that it is in fact a necessity. Today, I want to touch upon the way self care is often portrayed as an excuse to go shopping or simply spend loads of money. That is not what self care is. There is a very important aspect of self care, especially amongst bloggers, that is not or rarely talked about, especially when it comes to those who struggle with their mental health.
Pixi Highlighter Duo Review

Today marks a special day on my blog, I'm going to be reviewing my first ever Pixi makeup products! I received a gorgeous PR parcel in the mail by the Pixi team and now that I've had time to play around with the samples, I cannot wait to share with you my experience trying products from this amazing brand. The Pixi Glowy Gossamer Duo Highlighters definitely were the items in the parcel that caught my eyes immediately, I'll be reviewing the duos called Subtle Sunrise and Delicate Dew, here are my thoughts!

I got major baby fever at 23, I really wanted a child, I really wanted to be pregnant. Now at 28, not so much anymore. I got scared. I got a little reality check. I learned a lot whilst being in therapy, about family dynamics, about being neglected as a child, about being humiliated and emotionally abused. Today, I am afraid of being a bad mom, about making the same mistakes my parents did. I'm afraid of potentially having to deal with severe postpartum depression and for all the changes my body would go through. At 23 I didn't even give that a second thought, how physically and emotionally demanding it is for a woman, to carry and have a child. On my blog I write about mental health, beauty and more recently a lot of lifestyle topics - such as quitting birth control and body confidence. I like my body now, a lot, and the fact that I didn't enjoy or appreciate it when I was younger makes me sad but also makes me admire and respect my body so much more today. I do have to admit that, somehow, thinking of having children has turned into something that just isn't worth it to me. Not anymore. I struggle with depression and anxiety, which has caused me to be in a lot of physical pain, and now that I've overcome so much - I just can't imagine having a family.
Urban Decay Lip Mousse Blogger PR

Being part of the blogger community is absolutely amazing. The opportunities are endless and the people you meet along the way are incredibly smart, weird, interesting, different, passionate, which all combined brings so much creativity, dispersed all over the internet - for you to find makeup reviews, food, fashion advice, personal stories and so much more. But with all the highs certainly come as many lows and a lot of drama and tea. I was challenged by Laurence from Laupropos to answer 10 questions about my experience as a blogger and be as honest and raw as possible. We're touching on rather sensitive topics such as earning money with your blog, collaborations gone wrong and our thoughts about the blogging community today. Since she is a fellow Belgian blogger this tag was originally created in Dutch but I've done my best to translate every question as accurately as possible! Here we go. 

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