What It's Like Being A New Bunny Momma

May 25, 2018

Chloé is potty trained, she's an affectionate little baby bunny and she loves to cuddle and play. She understands the words: kisses, ball, come here and of course her name, Chloé. She's about 9 months old and really enjoys taking long naps under the couch and pushing her princess ball around in our living room. Yes, she's a free roam rabbit, or almost completely free roam. We still keep her in a big cage at night because we've only had her for a little over a month. Chloé wasn't something we had planned, she was an impulse buy at a pet shop.

It's been lovely having her at home but it's also been a big change. We didn't buy her - a family member did and to be completely honest her story is, like so many others unfortunately, all too common. I've never had indoor pets in my entire life. I grew up on a farm and the domesticated rabbits we had were housed outside in a giant pen and lived for over 10 years but weren't actually socialised, at all. I'm not sure if Chloé being overly social is something that is unusual for rabbits but it sure is a nice surprise. I've been learning so much about bunnies, their habits, how they communicate, how much they love playing with toys and how they actually don't and shouldn't really be eating carrots. I hope to learn more about them every day and give Chloé the love and care that she deserves. I'm happy she's here and I can tell she's happy to be with us but I find it a bit sad that she is alone, that she was sold in a pet shop and that she was given to us because she became an inconvenience. Lack of time, lack of space, ignorance really.

I've been browsing the internet looking for bunnies on sale and I find it absolutely heart breaking that so many people openly try to sell and get rid of their rabbit(s), mostly, saying it's the children that don't want it anymore. It blows my mind how there seems to be no sense of responsibility - because I've been feeling it so strongly. The fact that she relies on me for food, love, comfort, a clean space, play, everything. Owning a pet is a big responsibility. Rabbits are often labeled as starter pets, great pets for children but I'm an adult and - it's not that it's hard to take care of her, it just requires a lot of time, patience and focus, not to mention money! We're currently one vet bill in and naturally there will be more to come. She already has more vaccines scheduled and we're planning on getting her spayed. Looking for a pet sitter this Summer has also been on my to do list.

Something that I wasn't and a lot of owners still don't seem to be aware of is that rabbits need and like to play with toys, lots of toys. A simple card board box can honestly keep a bunny busy for hours. Chloé loves any kind of toy that has a bell on it, that she can chew on and that she can throw and push around. Her Disney princess ball however is her favorite. I wonder if she'll still like it after she has been spayed, cause she sure does love to hump it, which is something I never share on my Instagram. From what our vet has told us and from the research we have done on the internet, her litter box habits should improve after spaying and she'll just overall live a healthier and happier life. Even though Chloé is potty trained, she does leave some poops around from time to time, some days a lot more than others. So yes, I do pick up rabbit poop and wipe up some pee occasionally. She's very much like a little puppy if you ask me. She did lose her habits at some point as she was getting more comfortable living with us. She thought it was okay to pee and poo on our couch instead of using her poopoo palace. Apparently it is quite common for rabbits to do so, thus we don't allow her on the couch at the moment. We've gotten her a bigger litter box since then, the Pluggis from IKEA - a brilliant idea from Lennon The Bunny on Youtube, as she outgrew her previous one. Fun fact: rabbits eat and poop at the same time so there's a lot more space for her hay now.

Having a bunny is fun but caring for them, I think, is very underestimated. Even my boyfriend was surprised about how much time I actually spend with her and how much Chloé herself loves to spend time with us. I'm a SAHG currently recovering from depression and anxiety so Chloé and I are together most of the day and like I said previously, Chloé has a very fun little personality and is an extremely vocal bunny. She likes to lick your nose when she's happy, pan out on the carpet, run around purring like crazy and flop over, exposing her belly to show that she is content. The very first night we had her she was so excited that she couldn't stop doing binkies. She already knew who she was with as we used to babysit her before from time to time. A binky is where a rabbit jumps into the air and twists its body into weird directions, it's very funny!

I find it kind of crazy how I'm so attached to her already. I also never expected for my boyfriend to be so excited about having her. He's not one to show much enthusiasm about anything, probably because I have enough for the both of us, but he's mentioned her numerous times when he talks to people and he even found out that one of his football friends also has a pet rabbit! I wish he'd help out more though, he has yet to empty her litter box or clean her cage. He only does the 'fun stuff', and even then, I always have to remind him it's time to feed her etc. I'm not sure he's ready to be left alone with Chloé, honestly. It's a task and I guess I'd like to end this post saying that if you ever think about getting a pet rabbit, my advice is to really give it some thought as these are animals that need a lot of attention, more than dogs and cats do. Also, please adopt and don't shop, you can adopt rabbits from shelters or rescue groups, so many rabbits there are in need of a forever home. I'd consider adopting 2 if possible, rabbits are social animals who usually live in colonies. The reason why we won't be looking into adopting a friend for Chloé right now is because it is much more difficult to bond rabbits that don't know each other. Having a pet rabbit at home that is free roam (because they really shouldn't be spending the majority of their time in a cage) is pretty much like caring for a 2 year old child. Chloé managed to chew through one of my pillows the other day when I wasn't watching.

I wanted to share this post to tell you what it's like to be a new mommy to a bunny but also to tell you about everything I learned because there was so much I didn't know. I hope my post was both exciting and helpful and I'm looking forward to writing more about Chloé soon!


  1. Such an interesting and lovely blog post, Jolien!😊

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  2. This post is adorable. It sounds like you are a wonderful bunny momma. Enjoy!

  3. Omg Chloé is so cute! I wished my lil bunny is still around, I lost mine 3 years ago when she was out playing at the lawn.

    ieyra h. | blog

  4. OH MY GOODNESS😍 She’s absolutely adorable! Ah, I wish you two happy moments together ☺️🐰

    lots of love, Jasmin
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