How I Edit My Blog / Instagram Photos

April 06, 2018

How I Edit My Blog / Instagram Photos

Finding the perfect way to edit your pictures isn't always that easy. I know it wasn't for me. As a blogger it is important to keep your content interesting, we want those clicks, we want those likes. Not just for the numbers - but to make sure that our hard work is seen, that our stories are heard and that our photos are shared, pinned and reposted. Having content that is visually pleasing is the goal of every blogger, it's the first thing people see when they visit your blog or website. Of course not all bloggers focus heavily on their photography but it is a great way to set your blog apart from others and attract more readers. I've been asked many times about how I edit my blog / Instagram photos so here it is, all my editing secrets spilled in one consistent post.

How To Edit Your Photos Like A Blogger

Photo Editor

First and foremost: I use PicMonkey to edit my pictures, I know - it used to be free and now it isn't free anymore but for those of you who did pay for a subscription I'll leave 'the measurements' I use for every edit I make. I don't know much about editing programmes, I just like that PicMonkey is easy to use. I wouldn't dare to say it's the best editing program out there because I simply don't know. It's a simple program and that's probably why I haven't started using anything else. They recently also rolled out user friendly templates for every social media platform possible and it makes creating banners (etc.) for your socials a lot less frustrating - as they already have narrowed down all the measurements. For those of you who don't use PicMonkey, don't be disappointed, I'm 100% confident that you can achieve these edits with any other program, if not even edit your photos better then I do! Here we go.


I always start by cropping the image I'm going to edit. A picture that doesn't need to be cut is a rare occurrence for me. I also recommend doing this before you further edit your entire picture because cropping your photos afterwards could potentially affect the sharpness of the image and that might look a little off.


Even though I have a great camera (the Canon EOS 700D), that makes great quality pictures, sharpening your photos is an absolute must. It honestly makes a huge difference. On PicMonkey I usually sharpen my images using a rate ranging between 20 and 30, using the tab 'Sharpen' in Basic edits. It makes for a much clearer image and/or text.

Adjust Saturation

I recently changed up my instagram theme and after a couple weeks that also ended up changing the entire aesthetic of not only my blog but also my Youtube channel. I like my images to be cool toned and not as bright as they used to be. I take the saturation of my photos down quite a lot, until the image looks a bit greyish. I always adjust it to -50 in the option 'Colors' in the Basic Edits tab. It tends to look a bit dull at first but that is something that I fix later when increasing the exposure.

How To Edit Your Instagram Photos

Increase Exposure

This is how I make my images appear way more vibrant and seem like I actually have awesome lighting, when I really don't. I stopped using artificial lighting for my blog and Youtube channel entirely as of a couple months ago. Right now I use natural lighting and the flash of my camera. I highly recommend that last one, it reduces the shine of a lot of 'shiny' or reflective products. In PicMonkey I love to use the 'Orton' filter to increase the exposure of my photos. I put the bloom feature on 0% and then the brightness as bright as humanly possible (of course depending on how bright my image already is). I'd say 75% is the minimum for my images. Increasing the exposure of your images makes your photos look a lot dreamier and cleaner. If that is a look you like to go for I highly recommend doing this. You can also use the 'Exposure' feature in the Basic edits tab, I simply like the effect of the filter better.

Add Film Grain

Adding film grain is simply part of my theme at the moment and for sure isn't necessary. I like it because it makes any type of 'flaws' in my pictures look a lot more artsy, in a way. Film grain is what is used in a lot of different filters now, and on a lot of different applications. Snapseed is another app I use to edit pictures I take with my phone (which doesn't happen very often) and they also have beautiful grainy filter options. PicMonkey has this filter in their 'Artsy' section. My effect is always put somewhere in between 40 and 50.

Dodge & Burn

This is a feature I mainly use for product shots. Dodging is basically brightening up certain areas of your image and burning darkening them. It can adjust the focus of your image, make text a lot more legible and so on and so forth. I don't have any rules for this, I simply dodge and burn the areas in my photos as I see fit.

How I Edit My Blog / Instagram Photos

This is exactly how I edit my photos. It might seem a bit complicated at first but after a while it simply becomes routine. The photos you see in this post are real before and afters - and exactly the way I would post my images on any social media platform. I didn't include touching up my selfies in this post as I consider that a whole different ball game so if you're interested in that definitely let me know in the comments! If you found this post helpful or if you have more tips for me or any one else reading this post, don't hesitate to share them also. Have a nice day! Xxx

Blog Photography Before And After


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  2. Ooh definitely going to try these tricks out! I use Lightroom at the moment which is free and pretty good 😊

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I just downloaded it 😃Can't wait to see how it works!

  3. i love anything that you post !

  4. I love how you edited them! Looks really good <3 I also have been always using Picmonkey
    Check out my blog too!

  5. You've got a really unique style! I personally prefer to edit photos on lightroom or lightroom + meitu if it's a portrait and I need to remove some acne spots, etc.

    1. Thanks :) I just downloaded the free version of Lightroom, I'm excited to try it :D Xx


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