feeling confident without makeup

I started wearing makeup fairly late, I was almost 20 I think. Of course I experimented with some mascara, eyeliner and little bit of lipstick when I was a teen - but base products such as foundation, concealer, powder, blush... those were all foreign to me. Today, I cannot imagine myself not wearing any makeup. I've gotten so used to having this flawless complexion that I wonder how I used to feel so confident without it. I'm kinda glad makeup techniques changed so much over the years though. I remember my teachers piling on orange foundations and bright pink blushes like there was no tomorrow. Now it's all about the no makeup makeup look which, to be completely honest, probably requires more makeup than any other look, but it really shows how styles and trends have evolved over the years. There are times when I feel completely fine leaving the house without a full face and there are times when there’s just absolutely no way. Feeling confident without makeup for me has become a little bit tricky.

L'Oreal Accord Parfait Makeup

Everything depends on my mood, my cycle, the severity of my acne, the weather, my outfit of the day, the people I’m hanging out with .. Right now I’m finding myself in a period where I will pile on as much makeup as a can. I want a full blown smokey eye, long lashes, flawless skin and loads of highlighter. I don’t even have a 5 min makeup routine anymore - it’s literally all or nothing. I remember there was this one Sunday when I actually started balling because my boyfriend suddenly decided it would be a good idea to go out for bagels - I wasn’t ‘ready’ and physically leaving my house, that day, didn't even cross my mind in the slightest. Yes,  I got over it in the end but the thought of having to ‘get ready’ when I’d just been hanging around all morning, doing absolutely nothing, just didn’t feel right to me. Getting a full face on already takes me half an hour, easy, and then I still have to do my hair. I didn’t want to see people and I didn’t want to feel ugly. Sunglasses could work, true, but Belgium isn’t exactly the sunniest of countries and, believe me, no one wears glasses here to cover up their face. I mean, I wish!

Do I think every girl should wear makeup? Of course not, makeup for me is all about self care. Doing my makeup is something I thoroughly enjoy. I think the extra layers really enhance my features and make me look more like a lady. Without makeup I’m easily mistaken for a 16 year old, no joke. I simply have better days when I wear makeup, honestly. My skin just isn’t what it was anymore. I used to have a beautiful tan face with freckles, way back when I lived in Southern Europe. No makeup needed whatsoever. My boyfriend got to know me when I barely wore any, which I actually find kind of funny in a way. Over the past years I’ve really stepped up my makeup game and I’m not going to stop making progress. I love it. Is feeling confident without makeup something I need to work on?

Certainly, but seeing all this Instagram perfection - where everyone is also enhancing their no makeup faces - doesn't make it any easier. For those who can afford it and for those who aren't afraid of needles there are many other ways to feel confident without makeup. Getting eyelash extensions is one option, micro blading your eyebrows another. Then we also have lip tattoos, lip fillers, under eye fillers, botox ..  All expensive solutions to a confident and makeup free life. Or almost makeup free life. I'm jealous sometimes, I'm not gonna lie, because I look like a tortoise without makeup. My eyebrows are non-existent and my eyes are in sleepy mode 24/7.  No wonder I like Snapchat filters so much because honestly, if I could have Snap filters in real life, I'd walk around with one all day every day!