NEW Essence Fresh & Fit Primer Review

October 27, 2017

Essence Fresh & Fit Primer And Foundation

Another day, another blog post, another Essence Cosmetics review! This time we're going to talk about their newest face primer: the Essence Fresh & Fit Awake Primer. I think I've pretty much bought every single primer Essence has released over the past 5 years, the packaging on this one however is probably my favorite. A makeup primer is usually used underneath foundation to create a smooth surface, even out your skin tone and to make sure your foundation performs at its very best. Let's have a look!

Essence Fresh And Fit Primer Review

The Essence Fresh & Fit primer is water based and infused with vitamine complex and cranberry water for a healthy glow and a pore minimizing effect. The formula has the texture of a regular moisturiser, it smells fresh and something I definitely thought I should mention is that it contains a very noticeable amount of shimmer once you blend it in. I wasn't sure at first as to why my makeup sponge was covered in some kind of highlighter but when you look closer, or use the flashlight of your phone, you can definitely see there's a lot of shimmer in this product.

Essence Fresh And Fit Primer

Essence Cosmetics Fresh & Fit Awake Primer €3.59

Essence Fresh And Fit Primer Swatch

The Primer has a nude color but blends in clear and actually looks really great on the skin regardless of it covering your face in actual shimmer. It's a very moisturising and nourishing primer and it actually gives your skin a super nice glow. Unfortunately this is where the good news ends. The primer seems to work fine at first but about an hour or so after application my makeup starts separating everywhere. It doesn't become patchy or blotchy, my makeup simply just doesn't look evened out anymore and powdering doesn't make a difference. I've never really had an issue like this before but I do believe I gave this primer a fair shot, having tried it multiple times and using it as I would use any other primer. You could use it alone, maybe even as a moisturiser, but it's not a great option when it comes to wearing makeup. For me personally this product is definitely a pass.

Essence Fresh And Fit Primer Review


  1. Thanks very much for an honest review! x Love the photography by the way! Such a shame that this primer was so nourishing and promising until your makeup separated - I think I'll be giving it a miss too! x
    Marina xx

    1. You're welcome! Now you can save some of your coins and spend them on an Essence Lipstick or something, those are really dope! :* Xxx