Day in the life of a stay at home girlfriend

I very much avoid googling the term 'stay at home girlfriend' (SAHG) - mostly because every search result you come across isn't very uplifting. SAHGs are described as having absolutely no passions, as women who are lazy and have no desire to contribute to society. Women whose only goal in life is to please their boyfriend, so he keeps on paying the(ir) bills. I've also read that being a SAHG is a career choice now, one where we exceed in doing absolutely nothing. I am a SAHG and I'm hardworking. Welcome to my life.

I'm 27 and I have been a stay at home girlfriend coming up to 3 years now. I burned out, attempting uni for the second time. I fell into a deep depression after that. I met my boyfriend 5 years ago, I worked back then, I was a nanny and an English teacher. I was happy but very troubled. My boyfriend, Marco who's 32, has not once complained about being financially responsible for me. I guess he would if I had outrageous spending habits, but I don't really. I like to blog and I like to buy and try new makeup. Maybe I should also mention that I've been revamping our little apartment, but with only one income that takes a little longer than I would like. Doesn't that sound glamorous? I probably should have trapped a richer boyfriend, what a SAHG fail, am I right?

I mostly make friends online, with people who follow my content. They just get it, you know, they don't judge me for being a stay at home girlfriend, which I've actually been pretty embarrassed about, for the most part. Can't say that about all SAHGs though, one of my SAHG squad girl friends loves being at home and told me jobs are so overrated. I think she's right, there's just no point in coming home crying yourself to sleep every night because you're struggling at work. I do realise I'm fortunate, in some way, to be in this position, to have a boyfriend that always has my back not matter what - but I don't have a lot of other things. I don't have security, I don't have many friends, I don't have parents that I can rely on and I don't have an income of any kind. If my boyfriend ever decides he doesn't want me anymore, right there and then I'm left with nothing. Not so lucky and fortunate after all, am I?

My girlfriend doesn't work

No matter where you are in life, no matter what you do, the situation you're in, it comes with its own set of responsibilities. We live in a world, and I have to quote another girlfriend here, where somehow if you don't work a stressful job - you're not living, where if you're not busy - you're not 'living life to the fullest'. I didn't know it was okay to take a break until my therapist told me one day. She also told me it's okay not to be okay, to take your time to figure things out. People just can't keep up sometimes. I'm not lazy, I'm just trying to find out what I want and my boyfriend is okay with that. Every day, I am working towards something. It's called self improvement, it's called having dreams and goals. I never aspired to be a SAGH but am I choosing to be one today? Yes I am, I am choosing to become a better person, a healthy person, one who'll kick ass when she's ready to get out there again.

I wake up in the morning and think about how I can make my life better, not how I can rinse my man. We have breakfast and then Marco gets ready to go to work and I make sure my newest blog post has made it on the internets. We kiss each other bye, an hour or so later, and I go and get ready for the day. Sometimes I have errands to run, sometimes not, I can be hooked on my computer for hours writing blog posts, watching documentaries, connecting with other bloggers and doing research on numerous topics to make sure what I write is on point and connected with current trends. I love a trip to the drugstore or a good stretch on my new, cheap yoga mat. Podcasts are also something I like to listen to, some are educational, some are not. Stream of consciousness podcasts are my favorite, they're the ones that make me laugh the most because they're not very scripted, it also makes the SAHG life a lot less lonely. Once a week I have a trip to the therapist and I use the time to get there as a work out to make sure I get some blood flowing. I'm a person who suffers from anxiety, which means I can get tired a lot, so a big nap here and there during the day is not unusual. When boo comes home in the evening we often cook together with a glass of wine or a beer, sometimes he also just likes to be glued to his iPad - that's when he's tired. My boyfriend is not much of a talker - he likes to read books and shit, the news, nerdy stuff. At night we watch series or go to the cinema, I also talk a lot because I most probably haven't seen another person all day. I'm a funny girlfriend and I think that's what Marco likes the most about me. I make him laugh pretty much all of the time. I told him the other day that I couldn't believe I hadn't ran out of jokes even though we've been together for half a decade.

If you made it this far, I just want to let you now that I actually did put together a blog post where I do tell you what I'm up to all day as a SAHG, what's it's actually like. Here it is: a day in the life of a stay at home girlfriend, for real this time! Let me know what you think.