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Friday, 1 September 2017

Catrice 2017 Fall/Winter Makeup Collection Review

Catrice launched the new Fall/Winter Makeup Collection of 2017 and I have reviewed it all right here for you! Twice a year Catrice Cosmetics turns their whole entire makeup display upside down and decides which products will be discontinued and which products will be added to the brand and have their very own moment of glory. The metallic finish is definitely what the 2017 Fall/Winter makeup trends are all about this time around. Many of the makeup products in this new collection are metallized, glowing, shaping and color correcting. Are you excited?! Let's have a look!

Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer €4.59

The Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer I was beyond excited about when I first spotted it in the Catrice press release. I pictured a product that was gel like, smooth, infused with micro shimmers and super easy to blend, almost like a liquid highlighter. Once I got a chance to purchase it, reality hit me really quick. This product is very odd and I'm not sure what it's supposed to do to my makeup. It literally is just a white liquid with shimmers. I've used it mixed in my foundation, underneath my foundation and I don't see a difference. Sure, my makeup is covered in shimmers, but I don't think it feels like a serum, which is a skin care product that absorbs super quickly (faster than a moisturiser) and makes your skin feel really soft. I don't feel like it preps my skin at all, it's just 'there'. I think it's fair to say that either (1) I don't know what I'm doing, (2) this product sucks, or (3) I need to give it another go, but so far I'm not impressed.

Catrice Siliconic Makeup Blender €4.59

I honestly think Catrice is a little late on this silisponge makeup business. Everyone has seen it already and no one is actually using one to blend out their makeup. I feel like they should have made this part of a limited edition rather than their new 2017 makeup collection. Trends are trends for a reason, especially in the beauty community, they die so quickly no one even remembers what last weeks' hype was. I'm planning on doing a first impression review about this Siliconic Makeup Blender from Catrice on my Youtube Channel. My thoughts on the sponge so far is that it's really soft and kind of sticky, I think it will attract a lot of dirt. I'm excited to try it, which is why I purchased it, but I don't see myself using this to actually do my makeup.

Catrice Matt To Cheek Blush Stick €4.59
010 Brownie & Clyde

Whenever I make a collage of the newest Catrice makeup products on my blog they actually function like some kind of a mood board for me, featuring all the products that I'm interested in buying and reviewing. This blush stick was on the op of my list, not only is this blush colour exactly up my alley but also the packaging is just marvellous. I love this stick, the formula is great, it's pigmented, it blends well (even after letting it set on the skin for a while) and it gives a gorgeous finish to the face. Even though it is a blush, I also like to contour with this stick, applying it on my temples, my jaw and in the hollows of my cheeks! I recommend it.

Catrice Strobe To Glow Highlighter Stick €4.59
030 Ulta Golden Galaxy

After playing around with the Catrice blush stick, I thought I'd be just as enthusiastic about their newest Strobe To Glow highlighter stick, but I was wrong. The formula doesn't blend well and it accentuates all your blemishes and pores. I was shocked. It looks okay on the cheeks but I don't recommend using this in your t-zone, it looks patchy and weird.

030 Mrs. Amber Brown

I was happy to see that Catrice was launching new powder blushes again. Being one who absolutely loves nude makeup, 030 Mrs. Amber Brown was my go to from all the ones they launched. The blush comes with a gorgeous pattern featuring 4 nude browns, it has a satin finish and it looks amazing on the cheeks. The formula is smooth and swatches like a dream, the strobing blush is pigmented and it applies well and easily.

Catrice Aquafresh Highlighting Eyeshadow €4.59
030 Bright Fusion

For a slight second I actually thought that Catrice had relaunched their cream eyeshadows from years ago, the Catrice Made To Stay Longlasting Eyeshadows, some of you might remember. They're not like them at all, which is nice but I honestly wonder why I keep on buying products like this because they never really work out for me. The texture of this Aquafresh Eyeshadow is very interesting however, it's like jelly! The first time I touched it I was like wow, what is this? But that feeling wore off as soon as I tried to blend the eyeshadow. This product sets so fast and I can't seem to apply it without it turning into a mess.

Catrice Metal Matt Liquid Lip Powder €3.99
060 Breaking Nudes

To end this Catrice Fall/Winter 2017 makeup collection review on a positive note, I thought I'd share with you something really exciting that I discovered. Not only is this Liquid Lip powder from Catrice totally dope but as I was testing it I realised I have something in my stash just like it: the Urban Decay Metallized Vice Lipstick in the shade Scorched. It's a dupe, almost an exact match! Obviously the textures of these lip products are different, because the Vice lipstick from Urban Decay is a cream, but the finish and the color are pretty much the same! I'm not really sure what Liquid Lip Powders are supposed to do, but this formula from Catrice is awesome. The product is really easy to apply with the dow foot applicator, it blends well, there's no patchy or streakiness and it feels soft and hydrating. The metallized finish is beautiful and it sets well. I'm a fan and especially of the fact that this is a great dupe for one of the newest Urban Decay Vice lipsticks!

Swatches from top to bottom:

- Catrice Strobe To Glow Highlighter Stick
- Catrice Matt To Cheek Blush Stick
- Catrice Metal Matt Liquid Lip Powder
- Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer
- Catrice Strobing Blush 
Catrice Aquafresh Highlighting Eyeshadow

Obviously I still have many new makeup products to try from the new Catrice collection, but as you can see from what I initially picked, there's quite some hits and misses. I also want to add that even though I only spent about 35€ on the new releases in total (which is what I usually spend) I couldn't help but notice how everything is so much more expensive. Almost every makeup product is nearly €5, that isn't what I'm used to seeing from Catrice. They've slowly but surely been raising their prices not necessarily improving the ingredients or giving more product. I wonder what that is all about. All in all I'm very happy I finally got to try some new Catrice Cosmetics goodies and I'm going to have a lot of fun with the products that I like!

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  1. And this is why I love your reviews so much. GORGEOUS photos, but also one hundred percent honest in your opinion about the products you review, like that serum primer and the highlighting stick.
    Huh, so you managed to get your hands on the "Aquafresh" eyeshadows. (And, thank you, I think I'll avoid buying these now, haha.) I'm still waiting for these to pop up in the stores here, but same goes for the new refill eyeshadows and palettes. But the latter was only mentioned by a hand full of bloggers and omitted from most previews, so I already guessed they'd be late to the party. Those cream eyeshadows though, they might be Müller/online stores exclusive here in Germany.
    Btw, I'm absolutely in love with that metal matt liquid lip powder (what a mouthful!), that exact color even. Unfortunately they don't all perform equally well. The color "blogger's favorite" gets patchy. :(

    Yeah, I noticed the price tag too. This and the fact that Catrice mostly sticks to subtle "grownup" colors (= boooooring) now has managed to mostly drive me away from the brand and pick others.


    1. Thanks for letting me know, I really appreciate it :D I think Catrice is sticking to 'grown up' colors mostly because that's what sells at the moment, maybe they're looking into a new more sleek style, they've already changed their logo :) Xx

  2. I absolutely love your reviews. Honest and on point ! The pictures are gorgeous as usual. I was interested in the new aquafresh eyeshadows but seeing the review i think i'm gonna have to skip. Anyways i hope you're better now. Missing your youtube videos.
    Love all the way from India. !! ��

  3. You're so honest in your reviews and I love seeing people finally say it as it is. Although Catrice is an affordable brand, I hate it when people say "oh it's alright but for the price, it's amazing". That's not an accurate representation of the product.

    I was so excited for the serum and the stick highlighter, but I'll definitely be staying away from those, but the blush and the lip colour look amazing. It's a shame that the Aquafresh shadow doesn't work. The name reminds me of a toothpaste!

    Hopefully the new Essence collection will have more hits! xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. I agree, it either works or it doesn't. Every brand does their best to make great products for their customers. I love the toothpaste comment :D I didn't even think about it myself haha! I just placed my Essence makeup order, I hope they'll have more hits too! Xxx

  4. Its a shame the highlighting stick didn't work out, the swatch looks so pretty! I hope that Catrice officially launch in the UK at some point, I would've never heard about them if it wasn't for the beauty community. Loved your pictures on this post especially!
    As Nikita said, I'm excited to try out Essence's new products as they've got some exciting things coming.

    1. Thank you! I hope so too, maybe they're idea is to test the market with Essence first and then move in with Catrice :) Xxx

  5. Really honest review. I bought the lip topper and i'm glad to read the positive review on them!


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