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September 20, 2017

Tea To Treat Anxiety

I'm not a doctor, nor am I a psychiatrist, herbalist or therapist, but I do know first hand what depression and anxiety can do to your mind and to your body, as I've been a long time sufferer and survivor. Tea is a part of my self care routine, my natural medicine to stress, anxiety, mood swings and years ago my go-to home remedy to actually quit smoking and choose for a healthier lifestyle. I recently looked at my anxie-tea stash and realised they actually serve a big purpose in my life, so I wanted to share with you my favorite herbal teas to beat anxiety. 

Lime Tree Herbal Tea

Lime Tree Tea is my favorite when it comes to actually treating my anxiety, I'm not exactly sure how it works but it for sure stabilises my mood and has relaxing properties. After one cup I'm less tense and more focussed on my work. It is also a great way to hydrate your body.  

Fennel, Nettle & Vervain Herbal Tea

A side effect from having anxiety is trouble with digestion, bloating, acid reflux, cramps and so on and so forth. I've written an article about this kind of issues before here where you can discover more tips on how to feed your body when you suffer from anxiety, and improve your overall health. Fennel tea, nettle tea and especially vervain tea are very powerful in treating the symptoms I mentioned above. Fresh ginger tea also is another option that you could explore that is very cleansing for the body (tip from my therapist). 

Tea To Beat Anxiety

Chamomile Herbal Tea

Chamomile herbal tea is what I drink the most often to clear my head and get comfortable before bed. It's not my favorite but it works. Another useful tip about drinking tea to reduce your anxiety is to try drinking it without adding sugar, honey or any other sweetener you have at hand. It takes a while to get used to it but I highly recommend it as it makes a huge difference when it comes to having a healthy mind. Sweetner just isn't going to do you any favours. We want to avoid that sugar crash after that yummy cup of herbal tea!

Herbal Tea doesn't need to be expensive, my favorite kind is from the Delhaize home brand and it only costs €1.69 per box. Delhaize is a grocery store in Belgium and, if you live here, their wellness tea is called 'Delhaize Tisane/Kruidenthee' (it has brown and yellow cardboard packaging). Their tea is organic and in my opinion of great quality. I've been a customer of theirs since I was a child (thanks mom) and started drinking their tea when I was a student at university.


  1. This could be great for me, because I sometimes struggle with anxiety. Besides, tea is always good! X

    1. True! As long as it's not Iced Tea 😃👌🏻

  2. Delhaize in general has some very good quality products under their name, love love love their chocolates :DD

  3. True and it's all so affordable! :D Xxx


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