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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

How Much I Spent On Makeup This Month #8

The Summer is over and, even though there's no back to school for me, I can't help but feel a little lost this time of year. I could have done with more Summer holidays for sure - so instead I very much drowned myself in makeup the past weeks. My August makeup shopping, honestly, was a little scandalous for my doing. If you're not familiar with this series, I basically keep track of all the makeup I buy every single month and compare it to my expenses from the previous months. I started it back in January and now we are already heading into September! August was the reveal of new makeup trends, fall collections and winter makeup must haves. Let's see how much money I spent on makeup in the month of August!

- Week 1

- X2 KIKO Fall Duo Bronzer €15.95

- Lush Tea Tree toner Water €6.95

- ZOEVA Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette €36 (gift - not PR)
- ZOEVA The Basic Moment Blush Palette €14.80

- Catrice Strobing Blush €3.99
- Catrice Siliconic Makeup Blender €4.59
- Catrice Aquafresh Highlighting Eyeshadow €4.59
- Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer €4.59
- Catrice Liquid Lip Powder €3.99
- Catrice Matt To Cheek Blush Stick €4.59
- Catrice Strobe To Glow Highlighter Stick €4.59

I randomly ran into the drugstore, on a little city trip to Antwerp (Belgium), and the Catrice Cosmetics display happened to be fully stocked with all their newest products which means Catrice finally launched their new Fall/Winter makeup collection! Even though I only spent about 35€ on the new releases in total (which is what I usually spend) I couldn't help but notice how everything is so much more expensive. Almost every makeup product is nearly €5, that isn't what I'm used to seeing from Catrice. They've slowly but surely been raising their prices for a while now but they keep on going on and on, not necessarily improving the ingredients or giving more product, in fact, many of their products barely contain any product these days (e.g. the Catrice Slim Matic Brow Pencil, the Catrice Contour Stick, some of their lipsticks, .. ). Check out my full review of this collection here.

The ZOEVA purchases were a present from my sister for my birthday, I have been eyeing both palettes for absolutely ages, so I'm really happy I finally got my hands on them, I'm excited to showcase them on my blog really soon! The KIKO bronzer is another impulsive purchase, it's a limited edition. Just like the last KIKO bronzer I bought, this one swatched so beautiful and smooth that I just had to get it, check out the swatches here. The lush Tea Tree Toner water is a repurchase. I've been using it as a primer. I've recently been very prone to acne in my t-zone, my skin has been breaking out like crazy so I'm trying to avoid actual primers as much as possible, this has been working out really well for me!

-Week 2

- X2 Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel €2.59

- Freedom Proartist Highligher €3.49
- Freedom Eyebrow Pomade €5.99

Kruidvat discontinued one of their makeup displays a while back and hit all of their customers up with 3 new makeup brands to buy from! Freedom, I Heart Makeup and Lottie London. I've always heard great things about the Freedom highlighters so that's where I decided to spend my money first. The eyebrow pomade was kind of an unexpected purchase but I'm really happy with it so far. Ever since I tried the NYX Tame & Frame I've been very eager to try other low budget brow pomades, I still don't recommend the Essence once though lol.

- Week 3

- Maybelline Luminous & Smooth Foundation €12.99 - after discount €9.49

Looking back at this purchase, this probably was a bad idea. The weather hasn't been very summery lately so my tan has quickly been fading, meaning that this foundation is way to dark for me right now. I use the Maybelline Luminous + Smooth nr 120 and even though I absolutely love this foundation I'm not sure often I'll be using it right now. I still like to mix it in with my 2B CC cream but I can only go so far before looking like an orange mess.

- Week 4

- Essence Lash Princess Black Volume Mascara € 3,39

- Essence Fresh & Fit Awake Primer € 3,59
- Essence Fresh & Fit Awake Make Up Foundation € 4,99
- Essence Make Me Glow Liquid Highlighter € 3,59
- Essence Metal Chrome Blush € 2,99
- Essence Moonlight Eyes Cream Eyeshadow € 2,99
- Essence Lashes Of The Day Super Volume Mascara € 2,59
- 8X Essence Ultra Last Instant Colour Lipstick € 2,39

Essence Cosmetics was next on my list in August! They've also released their new Fall/Winter collection and I bought a hell of a lot of lipsticks. I told myself I wouldn't, but the first 8 of the newest Ultra Last Instant Colour Lipsticks are all nudes! I also purchased a new foundation, a new primer and a couple of other eye- and face products. I can't wait to receive my order which I hopefully already have by the time you read this! I spent about €40, which is okay, I also bought another coral Lash Princess Mascara because it currently is the 'Mascara Festival' on the Kruidvat website so I got it half price.

Total amount of money spent on makeup this month: €149,39

Total amount of money spent in January €68.23
Total amount of money spent in February €87.21
Total amount of money spent in March €53.47
Total amount of money spent in April €40.91
Total amount of money spent in May €44,28
Total amount of money spent in June €76.36
Total amount of money spent in July €52.87

I think we can most definitely say that I went overboard in August, compared to the past 6 months. I'm not sure if that's because I didn't exactly go anywhere on holiday so I wanted to compensate, or because I'm starting to use makeup that's a little more expensive. I'm especially excited to try the new ZOEVA palettes that I have, I've never tried their eyeshadows before, and I'm hoping the new Essence Collection will be a little better than the new Catrice makeup that I tried.

How much makeup have you bought this month? Did you go on holiday this Summer? Definitely let me know in the comments below!



  1. I spent €54.50 so it's not too much lol ��. I didn't go on a holiday because I had to study for me exams (I had to redo some of them). Now that they're done, I'm working and I'm planning my trip to Amsterdam ��. Are you going to make a blog post about the new Essence products?

    Love you!


    1. How exciting! I hope your exams went well and that you passed your year :D Of course I will review the new Essence products, I cannot wait to try them out! Xxx

  2. Lol you shurelly have spent a lot of money ...in my case I haven't spent any money this month...that's because I've been using the makeup I already have...and not cluttering my collection a lot...but I understand that you are a beauty bloger ...much love...������

    1. September is the month where me and my bf are doing a spending ban! No makeup, no home decor, no books and no clothes, wish me luck 😃👌🏻 that will be my chance to use the makeup I already have , which is definitely too much! Xxx

  3. Haha good luck then ...kisses.. xo�..x

  4. Omg. I cannot wait for your review on the new essence collection, especially the lash of the day mascara. I always trust your honesty in every review☺️

    1. Psst .. I tried the 'Essence Lashes Of The Day Mascara' today for the first time and it is amazing! 👌🏻 Super lengthening and voluminous, I love it and so far no flaking, I'm obsessed 😱 Thank you!

  5. Amai! :) Ik heb niet overdreven veel gekocht vorige maand, maar het Subculture palette van ABH was wel meteen een serieuze aankoop

    1. Dat is inderdaad een mooie aankoop, ik heb wel veel rare reviews over dat palette gezien op Youtube. Ik ga snel eens kijken op je blog wat je er van vindt :D Xxx


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