Every time Essence releases a new foundation I have to try it. There is no other budget brand in Belgium that is, in my opinion, as affordable and reliable as Essence Cosmetics. I recently purchased a bunch of their new Fall/Winter makeup releases and part of my haul was this Essence Fresh & Fit Awake Makeup Foundation. Fresh & Fit is a new line Essence Cosmetics has created and, from looking just at the packaging of the products so far, everything is looking really promising! 

Essence's new Fresh & Fit Foundation comes in a beautiful glass bottle, it is available in 4 different shades and is meant to have a breathable, medium to high coverage formula, with a healthy glow effect. The foundation is enriched with vitamin complex and cranberry water. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is most probably the prettiest makeup bottle Essence has ever created. It doesn't look low budget-like at all, only the lack of shades gives away instantly that this is cheap makeup, besides the price point of course. Essence Cosmetics charges €4.99 for their new foundation, which is very affordable but a little up there for this makeup brand. I'm not mad about it, at all, and here's why.

This Fresh & Fit Awake Makeup looks beautiful on the skin. The formula is creamy, easy to blend and there's definitely a big difference between this foundation and all the other foundations Essence has available in their makeup line. I'm impressed. Having tried many Essence foundations in the past I can tell you that: this foundation isn't as drying as some of their other formulas can be, it doesn't get into fine lines, doesn't accentuate any pores and doesn't melt of your face or starts to look patchy after a while. It most definitely has a medium to high coverage and it actually is quite longlasting. I do have to mention however that this foundations does oxidise a little, it isn't anything major but I wouldn't count on this if you have a snow white complexion.

I used 4 pumps of the foundation on my face, a moisturising primer underneath (whereas I usually use the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro to prep my skin or an Olay moisturiser, I currently use the Avène Cleanance Hydra Soothing Cream to deal with some acne that I have in my t-zone) and a makeup fixing spray to set everything in place, once I was finished with my base. The rest of my makeup applied flawlessly, I had no issues with pigmentation, blendability or staying power, and even though this foundation definitely has a pink undertone to it, it matched my warm toned face pretty well. I purchased the lightest shade nr 10 Fresh Ivory.

I recommend this new Essence Foundation, I think it works amazing and I can totally see myself reaching for this in the future. The lack of shades is indeed a pity, I wonder if Essence is ever going to change something about that. I'm pretty sure many of you, with either a very fair or deep complexion, would love this formula. You can purchase this foundation in Belgium at Kruidvat, online or in stores. I'm excited about this new Fresh & Fit makeup line and I'm waiting for a Fresh & Fit concealer to join the Essence makeup display next year!