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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

joliennathalie.com Will Be Back September 1st

I know a lot of you really love my flatlays but I'm very hard on myself when it comes to being creative with my photography. I always want to do better, improve my skills and be the best beauty blogger I can be. Even though I had a bunch of content ready to publish, I've decided to take 2 weeks off to recollect and start fresh on the 1st of September.

I've already announced on my Instagram that I will be working with a more cool toned theme. I've grown tired of the bright colors in my feed, I want my pictures to have a little bit more of a professional feel to them. I love working with low budget and drugstore makeup, but what I like to do even more is to make those products look like they're more expensive than they actually are, by changing the way I photograph and style them. I've noticed that the most successful bloggers always blog about high end cosmetics, beauty and skincare. People love expensive, even if they can't afford it, my goal is to catch people's attention with low budget products - by making them look absolutely flawless, because cheap makeup is, in my opinion, not appreciated enough. Sure I love to work with more expensive brands too, but I've talked about this before here, if it weren't for collaborations I actually wouldn't be able to afford most of that makeup.

I'm also planning to actually change my blog template (again). I like the one I currently have, it was incredibly cheap, easy to install and comes with great customer service, but on that front too I want something more sleek. I'm not sure if it will be updated in September as well, because this time I'm planning to spend more than just €10 on a template haha, but you just never know. I'm ready for a new and improved website and I hope you are too! Thank you so much for understanding and I'll see you soon! Xxx Jolien

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