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Monday, 14 August 2017

H&M Precision Makeup Sponge Review

I've been receiving quite a few requests lately to review the H&M Beauty Makeup Sponges. I like the H&M Beauty brand and I love applying foundation and concealer with a good makeup sponge! H&M has several products that are staples in my everyday makeup routine and they are really affordable, a little bit more affordable than regular drugstore products in fact. Their precision sponges for example only retail for €3.99 each! No wonder people want to find out if they're any good. I think H&M is doing great beauty wise so I decided to go for it and try 2 of their precision sponges.

The first one I was recommended was the egg shaped H&M precision sponge in the beige color. H&M claims it is great for applying liquids and creams on your face. I wish they'd recommend people to use it dampened because it becomes at least twice its size and it remains really soft, which is exactly what we want to apply our makeup. I highly recommend squeezing your sponge a couple times underneath running cold water, the fact that your sponge is dampened will give an even more flawless finish to your foundation and concealer.

I like this sponge, I think it is excellent to apply liquid foundations and concealers, and even blending out creams is easy as pie. I'm not sure what the rim in the middle of the sponge is about, I don't think there's any kind of benefit to it but it doesn't bother me either. The only thing about this sponge that I do think is a pity, is that it's so round that it is difficult to blend out product on the under eye. It's not precise enough, I always find myself covering my entire eyelid, inner corner, and lash line in product before everything is blended, which is something that doesn't happen when I use my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for example.

I agree that the pink H&M Presicion Sponge is very similar to the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, the only difference is that it has a flat edge on both sides and the one from Real Techinques only on one. Also this sponge becomes about twice its size when you dampen it but it isn't as soft as the other H&M sponge. Something that was clear to me from the very beginning is that this sponge sucks up loads of product, way more than the beige one. So much so that it completely mattifies the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy & Smooth Foundation that I am currently using. I guess you could say it sucks the life out of it. It's a good sponge but I don't think it is suitable for everyone. If you have oily skin, maybe. The sponge blends out product well but it is much smaller than the beige sponge and it isn't actually that easy to hold onto. I tried applying foundation with both the rounded side and the flat edge, and both techniques just didn't feel 'right'. I do have to say that the edge of this sponge is great for blending out product on the under eye.

I definitely recommend the beige Precision Sponge from H&M Beauty. Ever since I've purchased it I've pretty much stayed away from all the other sponges I have in my stash. It does get very dirty after a while, I agree, but that doesn't bother me. Makeup sponges are supposed to be swapped out every 3 months, at least, anyway. I've had mine for a month already and I find that it holds up very well. I don't see any issues with tearing either, so the quality is definitely there!

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  1. Oeh die beige spons moet ik dan maar snel gaan kopen! Jammer dat de Real Techniques look-a-like niet zo top is, anders had ik die gekocht. Ik heb nu de Real Techniques spons, maar goedkoper mag het natuurlijk altijd ;)

    1. Ik had eigenlijk ook liever gehad dat die roze beter werkte :D maar jammer genoeg niet! Real Techniques heeft echt goeie sponzen maar ik heb gemerkt dat ze soms niet meer zo zacht zijn, goedkopere dupes zijn inderdaad altijd leuk :P Xxx

  2. The beige one sounds amazing! I need to go try it as I'm not enjoying my Primark sponge. I wish the pink one worked better but oh well. H&M do have some gems and I love hearing more about their products. xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. Which Primark sponge are you using? I've tried some of their PS Pro sponges and I thought they were quite nice :) it's been a while though, maybe they've changed up some things by now :D


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