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Friday, 9 June 2017

The Most Expensive Lipsticks I Own

I get asked pretty often why I don't blog about high end makeup products and the answer is quite simple really: I can't afford it, and to be honest, I don't really mind. Is there content that I cannot create because of that, and things that I miss out on? Absolutely, but I'm making the best of my situation, and as I said, I don't really mind because I genuinely love low budget cosmetics. I do have a couple of high end makeup products in my stash however and those were definitely splurges, or things I bought when I still had a job, let's face the facts. I mentioned on Snapchat the other day how my boyfriend bought me a €12 lipstick and how I thought that was expensive, I received a couple comments about it so I decided to blog about it and feature the most expensive lipsticks from my makeup collection. Let's have a look!

Of course I don't consider a €12 lipstick high end, at all, but I do think it's a high price point for a lipstick. I mean, for the longest time I was absolutely obsessed with the Longlasting Lipsticks from Essence Cosmetics that retail for only €2.39, and to be honest, I think they are better than regular drugstore lipsticks and even high end lipsticks, in some cases. Of course I've owned and tried some high end makeup products and I do agree that for certain things (such as eyeshadows and foundation) the quality is definitely better than what you can find in the drugstore, but when it comes to lipsticks I don't think so. My MAC Creme Sheen Lipstick in Fanfare really does not last longer than any other drugstore lipstick, at all. I'm also not that excited about the formula but that might just be me. It was my first and my last purchase at MAC (together with a blush), as soon as I realised it wasn't actually as longlasting as every beauty guru on Youtube was claiming I was really disappointed. I do like the color I picked however and it is a nice lipstick, but it's not worth €20.

When it comes to high end purchases I always make sure I choose something that I would wear on the daily, and with lippies I love me a good brown nude or a plum color. Same with drugstore lipsticks from Maybelline, H&M Beauty, Rimmel London and The Body Shop, they all retail for about €10 to €12, and those literally are the most expensive lipsticks in my stash. Apart from the one from Maybelline (the one that I just got from my boo) I don't use the others. There's just something about these drugstore lipsticks that I don't enjoy. They all have this waxy, thick and slippery feeling, and some of them even smell like cheap wax! I don't mean to bash these brands, hell I use their other makeup products, but I've just noticed over time that I don't enjoy spending money on a lipstick that swatches beautifully but feels weird on my lips or has an odd scent to it.

The MAC lipstick, €20 wasted. The three The Body Shop Lipsticks, €30 wasted. The two Dare To Go Bare Nude Lipsticks from Kate, €20 wasted. The H&M Beauty Lipstick, €10 wasted. That is €80 laying around in my stash doing nothing. I rather have €80 worth of Essence lipsticks that I loooove, than this. So yes, I do find €12 expensive for something that I don't get to try properly in the store, because I just might come home with a cold sore on my mouth. And you can't tell me I haven't tried, in fact I feel like I've been rather adventurous, not to mention all the other high end and drugstore lipsticks I've thrown out already cause I just got tired of looking at them!

I'm sure you can tell I'm quite passionate about my low budget makeup, but I just don't have extra money to spend on something that doesn't live up to its price point. I'm all ears for some of your high end lipstick recommendations though :) Feel free to share them in the comments below! Thank you :*

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  1. I don't think they're easily accessible for you but if you ever have the chance two higher end lipstick formulas that I find 100% worth it are Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche & Besame Cosmetics. Both are very long lasting for a traditional tube lipstick just amazing in a way that no other lipstick I've ever tried has been. I totally agree though that in many cases more budget friendly lipsticks are just as good - & sometimes better - than higher end options.

    1. I've heard of Bite beauty before, I think they sell them at Sephora in France so I'll check them out there! Thanks so much :D XX


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