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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Primark PS Cotton Candy Palette Review

Primark has been releasing the cutest palettes lately! Their most recent addition being the Primark PS Cotton Candy Eyes, Lips & Face Palette and the PS Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette. I picked up the first one, as I really loved the selection of eye and face products. The eyeshadow palette instead comes with 9 eyeshadows. This collection also comes with 3 Cotton Candy PS Super Matte Lipsticks and 3 Eye Candy Eye Pigments. Everything is super affordable and, I mean, who doesn't need a dose of pink makeup once in a while? I do! Let's have a look!

The Primark PS Cotton Candy Eyes, Lips & Face Palette Collection comes with 2 highlighters/blushes, 3 eyeshadows and one sample size PS Cotton Candy Lip Cream. I'm saying highlighters/blushes because I'm not really sure what they are, they seem to be a mix of both products. The top one is a beautiful rose gold and the bottom one a pretty, shimmery copper. The formula appears to be baked, which I was really excited about. Baked makeup is usually very smooth and looks beautiful on the skin. The 3 eyeshadows come in a matte taupe, a cream with a satin finish and a matte dusty pink. The Cotton Candy Lip Cream is matte mauve shade. 

Swatches from left to right:

PS Cotton Candy Lip Cream
Dusty Pink Eyeshadow
Cream Eyeshadow
Taupe Eyeshadow
Copper Highlighter/Blush
Rose Gold Highlighter/Blush

I was really surprised by the quality of the products in this palette, especially considering the price point. The whole bundle only retails for €6 and the highlighters/blushes and eyeshadows are so smooth! The pigmentation is nice, it's nothing out of this world but I would say these are nice low budget makeup swatches, especially the eyeshadows. If I'd compare these to eyeshadows from Essence Cosmetics, my choice would quickly be made, Essence eyeshadows are chalky and nowhere near as smooth as these. The highlighters/blushes are beautiful too, it's the lip cream I'm not so stoked about. It looks nice paired up in the bundle but the shade is way too light and the formula is meh. I don't know anyone who would wear that kind of color. A pink lip cream would have been better in my opinion.

The highlighters/blushes look beautiful paired up on the cheeks, the pigmentation is awesome and I love the shimmer effect. I definitely see myself using those from here on out for more gorgeous summery makeup looks. The eyeshadows are dusty but blend in easily and beautifully, there is also no issue with fall out when product is tapped off properly. I love the dusty pink as a transition color, the cream shade as a lid color (it has a 'wet' kinda look that is stunning) and the taupe color in the crease. The cream shade is my favorite out of all three, the finish is absolutely amazing. The eyeshadows hold up very well when using a eyeshadow primer. I used the H&M Beauty Eye Fidelity primer. If you're planning on buying this collection I do suggest you think about potentially depotting these products as the only thing that holds everything together in this palette is a piece of plastic. What do you think of Primark's newest makeup palette?

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  1. Dat ziet er goed uit! Mooi palette voor die prijs. Ik ben echter benieuwd hoe het er uitziet als je het op je gezicht aanbrengt.

    1. Done! Ik heb een selfie toegevoegd ;) Misschien zal ik ook een youtube video opnemen, dat zou leuk zijn! Xxx Dankjewel :*

  2. For 6 euros this is a very interesting kit :) I would like to try Primark and I think here in Italy the is a Primark in Arese shopping center. All the girls who went there told me that in Primark they bought so much stuff the wallet was empty hahahahaha Maybe I will use this for my trip to the seaside and mountains. I don't know if these blushes will be visible with a tan though...

    1. Primark is a bad place to go when you're broke that's for sure haha :D Xxx

    2. Oh yeah, one of my friends returned with a COW costume from there!

  3. As much as I loved the 9-eyeshadow palette, I'm not too keen on this one because it looks... big and empty - all those various products and all that empty space just bug me ^^ If you loved the eyeshadow palette, you should totally pick up their Master Eye Palettes - the pigmentation is great and they're so very longlasting ! I collect the Primark makeup that I feel is great and boy, these Master Palettes are life ! :D

    Tissam x | Tissam Est La

    1. Thanks for your recommendation, I'll definitely check those out :D Xx


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