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Monday, 19 June 2017

Essence Blushplay Palette Review

The Essence Cosmetics Blushplay palette was already launched a couple of months ago but it's taken me until now to actually purchase it and slowly but surely fall in love with it. It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Essence makeup and even though not every product is a hit, the brand does surprise me over and over again and this product is just that, a nice surprise! Let's have a look at this gorgeous and super affordable sculpting blush palette!

Essence released 2 Blushplay palettes: a coral one, 10 play it peach which is the one I purchased, and a pink one, 20 play it pink. Both kits contain 1 satin finish highlighter, 1 matte blush and 1 satin finish blush. The smaller, matte blush is darker and the bigger, satin blush pan is lighter. 10 play it peach is a warm toned palette and 20 play it pink is cool toned. I love warm shades, as I have a pale complexion with a warm undertone, and highlighting and contouring with blush is something I actually do quite often! I have a round face and by applying a lighter blush higher up the cheeks and a darker blush right underneath it, but still above my natural contour, my face opens up and has a gorgeous 'lift' to it.

Sculpting your face with blush was big back in the 80's to give more structure to the face, it was applied heavily under the cheekbone and blended until the temples, especially with bright pinks and brick reds. I'd say Essence really hit the nail on the head with this one! We have a matte, brick red blush in the middle, a coral blush containing silver shimmers on the right, and a beautiful gold and pink highlighter on the left. I love this little palette, the shades are pigmented, they swatch beautifully and they blend into the skin like butter. I do have to say that it did take me a while to actually like this palette as much as I do now, because it wasn't performing as great at first, which makes me think there might be a little bit of an overspray on the product.

What surprised me the most about this palette is how I love using all 3 shades to do my makeup. I rarely wear matte blushes and even less use a makeup palette in its entirety, but a mix of all three on the cheeks is just so pretty, especially for this Summer! I'm totally into it and I recommend it. I've previously written about how I love Essence blushes and even thought I wasn't so stoked about this palette at first I can't keep it away from me now. This beauty will be joining me on holiday for sure!

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  1. This is such a pretty palette! I may just have to pick this one up for myself :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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