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Friday, 2 June 2017

2B Illuminating Correcting Cream Review

The 2B Colours makeup brand has three 'cream' face products in their collection: a BB cream, a CC cream and the Illuminating Correcting Cream. Ever since the 2B Illuminating Correcting Cream hit the shelves I've been obsessed with it. It's super affordable and it works wonders! Next to my Miss Sporty 10H Liquid Concealer, it is my go-to for all of my makeup looks and here's why!

2B Colours describes this as a long lasting and lightening correction fluid that will camouflage imperfections and brighten up your complexion for a natural and evened out looking skin tone. I couldn't agree with them more. This product is crazy long lasting, considering what you pay for it, it lightens up your face and really gives that healthy glow every girl is looking for. The cream comes in three shades: 01 Nude, 02 Sand and 03 Peach, all of them have pink undertones. I usually go for yellow toned products because they are more brightening but for some odd reason this works out great for me, and in a lot of different ways.

I started using this product as an under eye concealer. The light, salmony color is perfect to cover up my dark under circles and the liquid texture allows you to nicely blend the product into your skin. With a bit of setting powder on top, you are ready to go. The cream also happens to work excellent as a highlighter. It's a very natural highlight perfect for 'no makeup makeup' looks. At this point you could say I pretty much use it all over my face and I must admit that it looks great as a foundation as well. I like to blend it in with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to achieve the ultimate skin like complexion. I'm really impressed with this product, which is why I also have a number of back ups stocked in my makeup collection.

2B Cosmetics Illuminating Correcting Cream is available for €5.50 at Kruidvat.

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  1. You've talked about this product so much in your videos that I really want to try it out :D And since it's so inexpensive, I probably will! :D Great post and I love your videos! ^^

    1. I know, I mention it too much at times haha .. this product is insane! Thank you for your nice feedback, you're a sweetheart!! :D


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