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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Park Avenue Mineral Mat & Cover Foundation Review

Even though it's sold right next to Maybelline, L'Oreal, Physicians Formula and Rimmel London in every drugstore, Park Avenue is a makeup brand in Belgium that isn't often talked about. I'm going to be honest and say that I find myself walking past their display time and time again. The only reason it caught my attention last week is because I was simply asked on my Snapchat if I could review the Park Avenue Mineral Mat & Cover Foundation. Finding a great budget proof foundation under €10 can be a challenge so I thought why not? Let's have a look!

Park Avenue, which is actually called Park Avenue Brussels, is a European makeup brand. They currently have 4 different foundations available in their makeup line and the Mineral Mat & Cover is one of their latest best sellers. The foundation comes in 6 different shades, which is really impressive for a budget makeup brand, and is 100% paraben and oil free. I purchased the shade 05 Sand, which is a really good match for my skin tone. If you're planning on purchasing this foundation online or simply without testing it first, just know that the shades from 1 to 6 don't actually go from light to dark.

Shade range:

01 Ivory Beige
02 Peach
03 Natural
04 Porcelain
05 Sand
06 Chestnut

One of the major reasons I am not really tempted to go through the Park Avenue Brussels display and try some of their makeup is because I'm not a fan of the packaging, at all. I think it looks and feels too cheap in comparison with the price. The fact that this tube of foundation just constantly leaks doesn't make it any better, product just pours out. I recommend you store the tube upside down because it's a real pain. I've lost so much product already just by wiping off the excess every time I use it.

I have to say I'm actually quite surprised by the formula of this foundation. It has a light to medium coverage and it blends beautifully into the skin. The product is liquid, lightweight and sets for at least 6 hours before it needs to be topped off with a little powder again. The foundation doesn't sink into fine lines and I didn't have any issues with it looking patchy or cakey. I do however strongly disagree with the name of this foundation. I find it has a natural finish rather than a matte one and it definitely is not anywhere near anything full coverage. It simply makes you have gorgeous, healthy looking skin and I'm all for it. I really like this foundation, it reminds me of the 2B Colours CC cream I love so much, which is a foundation I've been using for years.

The Park Avenue Brussels Mineral Mat & Cover Foundation is available at Di Beauty & Care for €7.99 - right now there is a sale going on for which you get 20% off every Park Avenue foundation!

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  1. I can't believe how cheap this is, I haven't actually heard of this brand before and I am slightly regretting spending a small fortune on a NARS foundation recently! haha. You have a lovely little blog here by the way, well done on all your hard work with it! x


    1. Thank you :) I really appreciate it. Xxxx


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