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Monday, 29 May 2017

How Much I Spent On Makeup This Month #5

I started a new blog series where I talk about how much money I spend on makeup every month! Scary, I know, but sometimes we just have to face the facts. I'm a beauty blogger and I realised I never really cared about how much makeup shopping I did, I would just spend and splurge and spend and splurge. Right now, every time I go and haul makeup, my calculator is out. Let's see how much makeup I bought in the month of May!

- Week 1

I find myself repurchasing products very often these days. I think over the years I've not become shy of actually packing makeup on my face, so products tend to run out faster. The 2B CC cream is a great example of that. It's a great low budget foundation, so great in fact that it is always sold out at my regular drugstore so I got it at the department store instead. Prices tend to be a little higher there as I usually buy it for €5.50 at Kruidvat. The Real Techniques sponges were an absolute emergency, my old sponge was completely deteriorated and gross. You're supposed to throw away a makeup sponge after 3 months, I merely wait until my makeup starts looking weird, lol. The Park Avenue Foundation was something that was requested on my Snapchat, I reviewed the foundation here. Park Avenue is a brand that I don't hear about on social media at all.

2B CC Cream 01 Nude €7.95 - after discount - €6.36
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges €15.00 - after discount - €13.29
Park Avenue Mineral Mat & Cover Foundation €7.99 - after discount - €6.39

-Week 2

This is the week I went for a trip to Rome, Italy (I vlogged everything on my Snapchat - make sure to add me here snapchat.com/add/joliennathalie so you don't miss out on my next trip!) and I'd actually prepared a whole laundry list of beauty related products I wanted to get and had saved lots of money for casual shopping. Hygiene products in Italy are much cheaper than in Belgium, my favorite Garnier makeup remover for example costs about €6 here, in Italy I can get it for only €3. In the end I only purchased some cute, sexy underwear from Oysho and loads of Italian food. Half my trolley was filled with pasta, risotto and breakfast cookies! Oops.

- No makeup expenses €0

- Week 3

It's really easy to travel by train from Brussels, if there's (a) makeup (brand) that is not available here I just buy a train ticket and in less than a hour I'm in a new city with more beautiful makeup displays. This time I went to Gent, which is about 40 min from Brussels, on a little shopping trip with my sister and I splurged on Essence and Catrice Cosmetics makeup products. I didn't expect everything to be fully stocked so most of these makeup products are pretty random, I talked all about it here in my Essence Makeup Haul.

- Essence Blush Play Palette €3.99
- Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Liner €2.89
- Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara €2.59
- Essence Face Perfection Primer €3.59
- Catrice Lip Foundation €2.59
- Catrice Lip Foundation €2.59

- Week 4

This was a very busy week for me! I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY in collaboration with a concept store called Moon Brussels and I had planned a photoshoot, a blogpost with the images of the photoshoot and a youtube video to launch the giveaway. I'd love for you to enter so if you're interested in winning one gorgeous 'Moon Clutch' and 2 accessories of your choice, everything you need to know to participate is right here. Good luck! No need to say that I'm not that great in organising myself so there was no time or no need for makeup shopping lol.

- No makeup expenses €0

Total amount of money spent on makeup this month: €44,28

Total amount of money spent in January €68.23
Total amount of money spent in February €87.21
Total amount of money spent in March €53.47
Total amount of money spent in April €40.91

This month has been a little tough for me, if you follow my mental health journey you know that a couple weeks ago I talked about how exhausted I was and couldn't keep up with my blog or my Youtube channel. I missed some blog posts here and there and didn't upload any videos for like a month. I've been finding it hard to focus and find my way around again. Sometimes as a beauty vlogger and blogger doubt starts creeping up on you and I've been finding it a bit hard to shake off the feeling. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I definitely tried to find inspiration in my makeup purchases this month to get the ball rolling again.

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  1. I noticed how the spending was decreasing each month and then the increase by €4 this month. Haha.
    Do you set a goal on how much you plan to spend or a monthly cap?

    1. I know! I was actually surprised, in my head I was convinced I spent less this time. Unless I know new makeup collections will be launching that I'm really interested in I don't really have a goal. That's about the only time I actually make a list of how much I want to spend where. I'm also very careful with buying makeup online, that's where I buy the most makeup misses. I think I should have a goal though. It's a good idea for my next post! :D Xxx

  2. I'm glad you are back I hope from the bottom of my heart you will be completely fine very soon!

    in makeup topics!! I was waiting for this post to share my insanity I don't know what happened this particular month I exploited all my records, I think I'm too stressed lately I went to buy makeup to feel better --> 190 euros , shame on me... lol

    hugs!! bisous!

    1. WHAAAAAAT?! 😅 You truly outdid yourself haha, what did you buy? Does this haul include some high end makeup? Or maybe a new brush set? 😆 I want to know! 😘 Thank you!

    2. I'll tell you lol! I got a zoeva palette that i wanted called the matte eyeshadow palette, also I got some colourpop, I got the new Carli palette, I got some MAC LE makeup that order was the most expensive 54, I got Pixi 50, and some little stuff here and there like the Primark palette, craziest month ever for me... But at least I'm glad with my new makeup lol 😆

      It will be quiet for me until my bday in August lol Bisousssss 😘

    3. OMG that sounds delicious 😍😆😋 Where did you buy Pixi makeup? 😱 Did you buy it here or overseas? I also want to place another ZOEVA order so badly haha, that Nude Spectrum palette and the new Basic Moment palette are divine 👌🏻

  3. It's so interesting to see how it varies a little from month to month. For me I only replenish some products maybe every six months but I get caught up on impulse purchases! I have a system where I have a wishlist in collage form and the product has to be there for around 3 months before I purchase it because by that time I've probably been to the store to swatch it a few times and maybe even found a cheaper alternative. I know if I didn't do it this way I would just buy everything that "looks nice".
    Also, I know how it feels to be wiped out from big and little things alike. I know you you can get through it!

    1. I most definitely buy everything that 'looks nice' makeup wise lol but I do have kind off the same system as you for clothing :) I make wish lists (or my boyfriend does) and then I come back to them once in a while. If the items are still there after a long time and I still remembered them I usually end putting some in my basket for check out. I recently did a huge clean out of my closet and now I only have a small number of clothes but it's only things that I like and actually want to wear :D Thank you so much :* <3


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