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Friday, 14 April 2017

Makeup & The Power Of Social Media

Being someone who started following beauty bloggers over a decade ago I've seen a lot of changes in the online beauty world, makeup trends come and go, but one that has definitely caught my eye is the rise of 'social media makeup brands'. What I mean by social media makeup is: cosmetics that are pretty much unknown for anyone who doesn't spend their time on youtube or scrolling through blogs and thousands of flatlays on Instagram (like I do). Way back when I was 16, the only makeup brands that dominated beauty and makeup channels on youtube were Coastal Scents and Sigma (any of you remember?). Today, being able to get a spot in a beauty bloggers' blog post, youtube video, Snapchat- or Instastory means big bucks, zero honesty and/or transparency and petty drama. Here's why I don't buy from social media makeup brands.

Morphe, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics, Gerard Cosmetics, Lime Crime, Ofra, Colourpop, Makeup Revolution, Jouer ... these are only a handful out of probably hundreds of makeup brands that got to rise and shine because of the power of social media ... and bribed beauty bloggers (let's face the facts lol). Don't get me wrong if you're able to build a company through social media bravo, there's just some things that most (not all) of these companies have in common that really irk me.

- They Lack Professionalism

The amount of times I've seen the owner of a social media makeup brand cuss people out online and being downright disrespectful leaves a lot to be desired. There is so much drama attached to some of these social media makeup names that I'm immediately put off from buying their products. A more recent example is how the team at Z-palette came under fire because they couldn't handle the criticism customers had on their newest invention to depot eyeshadows. Everything has been swept under the carpet by now but it was really nasty and no apology was issued. Z-palette has been on the market for a very long time so I was shocked to see such a turn in behaviour.

- They Have Shitty Customer Service

When it comes to my experience with customer service from makeup brands that are available in drugstores, I've either always been refunded or sent a replacement. Social media makeup companies, especially those with a taste for 'fast beauty', more often than not,  just don't accept returns, don't answer customer service emails or tell you there's no way in hell you've found a hair imbedded in the product you bought from them, or received an empty highlighter all together.

- Their Products Are Overrated 

I recently made a blog post about 'cult beauty products' and whether they are worth the hype, the rate at which makeup products are severely overhyped these days is just beyond me. I prefer to put my trust in European beauty bloggers, they seem to be more honest and straightforward about this 'controversial makeup'.

- They Have Insane Shipping Rates & Pricing

I'm a little confused as to how social media makeup brands ask for so much money for their makeup. They're not high end prices but they're definitely not drugstore prices. Over 20$ for a liquid lipstick? You must be kidding me. My eyes rolled even more to the back of my head, a while ago, when I heard people labelling brands like Ofra and Kylie Cosmetics as 'high end'. I just can't agree, not because I think the makeup brand should have a 100 year history but because there clearly is a difference between buying from Dior or Lancôme and buying from Ofra or Kylie. The quality of the packaging alone already says it all, not to mention the customer service and the ingredients used.

In all honesty, I'd love to try some of the makeup brands I've mentioned but I'll be patiently waiting for some of the products to be more readily available here, in a distribution company where they actually value costumer service, and don't tell their followers to kill themselves over social media because you have an issue with a product you purchased.

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  1. This is such a good post, so truthful! I agree some brands are just so unprofessional in the way they approach and react to certain things.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    1. What social media can do to people is just beyond me sometimes lol :D thanks! xx

  2. Great post. I found myself nodding my head vigorously as I was reading 😊


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