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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Essence Volume Stylist Mascara Review

If you love makeup and you haven't tried an Essence mascara yet, where the hell have you been? Mascaras from Essence Cosmetics easily beat regular drugstore mascaras for me. They have amazing formulas and make for long and curly black lashes. Every year Essence revamps their makeup line and brings out new and improved products, the Essence Volume Stylist Mascaras were at the top of my list for review, I couldn't wait to try them. Let's have a look!

So far Essence has launched 2 Volume Stylist mascaras: the pink Curl & Hold Mascara and the purple Lash Extension Mascara. Both are presented in gorgeous packaging, that is not even close to anything I have ever seen Essence pulling off in the mascara department before, and I'm very impressed. These mascaras are meant to make for perfectly styled lashes that last for up to 18h.

Whereas most mascaras contain fibers, this mascara contains styling waxes for voluminous and curved lashes. The wand it comes with is called a fully loaded paddle brush, meaning it has no bristles on the inside and long bristles on the outside, it being slightly curved forming a little cup. The mascara is fine, it's lengthening and makes your lashes look voluminous, curly and feathery. The brush, on the other hand, I don't like that much. I think it's messy and confusing. I feel like the long bristles are too long and the empty space that forms the paddle is unnecessary. I like the mascara and it does what it's supposed to do but this is not a mascara I personally reach for a lot, as the brush isn't that great and the formula doesn't make my lashes particularly stand out. 

If I had to choose between this mascara and the previous one, I would 100% go for this Lash Extension mascara. It basically has the same formula as the Curl & Hold mascara but it's better! The purple mascara contains lengthening fibers for fuller and longer lashes and has a fiber releasing extension brush as a wand. I love the look of my lashes using this rounded brush, it makes my lashes look thicker, longer and voluminous. The staying power is great and my lashes definitely stand out all day long. The bristles of this brush are packed together tightly but it doesn't cause any clumping, and it is easy to use for the upper and the lower lashes. Definitely recommend this product and if you wish you can see me applying it live here.

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  1. Your photos are so pretty! The packaging of these is so nice, I sometimes find Essence mascara packaging a little tacky but these look really nice. I love the sound of the Curl & Hold mascara because all I look for in mascara is something to hold my lashes in place but the wand does look a little strange!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    1. I agree. I've learned to sometimes not judge the Essence mascaras by what they look like, even though it's hard, cause the formulas can be really good :D Xx


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