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Friday, 28 April 2017

NEW Essence Touch Blush Review

Would you believe me if I told you that I wasn't using blush up until 2 years ago? I thought it was completely unnecessary and would only accentuate the redness on my cheeks. Today instead, it has become one of my absolute makeup staples. Blush lifts up my face, it makes me look less flat, more sleek and put together. One of my favorite brands for blush is, of course, Essence Cosmetics. I was already a fan when they still had the Silky Touch Blushes around but those have since undergone a revamp and are now known as the Essence Satin Touch Blushes and the Essence Matt Touch Blushes.

On my skin tone (I'm rather pale but not white) a bronzy, nude, neutral blush is all I need. It complements my face and really makes my cheek bones pop. In my Youtube videos I don't really look like I wear a whole lot of blush but you'd definitely notice if I didn't wear any, that is how much of a difference it makes. I like how Essence clearly wanted to differentiate the two formulas by adding different prints on the blushes. The Essence Satin Touch Blush in 30 Satin Bronze has a dotted pattern and the Essence Matt Touch Blush in 30 Rose Me Up! has some kind of a geometric print.

I was curious to see if these would by any chance be similar to the old Silky Touch blushes, but they are not, in fact, I think they're better! I swatched them side by side on my arm and the new formula of the Touch Blushes is smoother and more pigmented. Essence did surprise me however: I like the formula of the Matt Touch Blush more, which is unusual for me. In general, I absolutely looove satin blushes. They're the kind of blush that contains just that little bit of iridescence that lights up my cheeks like there's no tomorrow. The Essence Satin formula is fine, but it has never made it into my daily makeup stash.

I recommend these blushes from Essence. They look beautiful on the cheeks, have great pigmentation and are awesome formula wise. They are not chalky or patchy whatsoever. I also enjoy using them as eyeshadows, especially the matte one, it's a great transition color. Love!

The Essence Satin Touch Bush is available at Kruidvat for only €2.59
The Essence Matt Touch Bush is available at Kruidvat for only €2.59

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  1. I love the photos so much! Great colours and review. I will check them out!




  2. I love Essence makeup product, it is probably my favorite affordable makeup brand. Thank you so much for swatches <3

    Lots of love,


  3. Great photos lovely. These blushes sound fab, I hope they have them in my local Wilko store as I definitely fancy giving them a go.

    Alice | alicemaysnell


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