I've been following online creators since I was 16 years old and today, a decade later (I'm 26), I kinda regret only starting to create my own content about 3 years ago. All the girls I envied when I was a teenager have become successful women now, online icons. While I'm sure they've had many challenges to face and still do, to stand where they are presently, I've been feeling the disadvantages of starting 'late' and being a 'microblogger'. Successful content creators are only becoming more successful and the little ones, like me, are left swimming in the dirt, desperately trying to beat algorithms. Growing your blog 'organically' has very much become a thing from the past and being a blogzilla sells souls. Here's why growing an audience blogging just isn't what it used to be.

Becoming successful online, on an organic basis, has definitely become a struggle. Even though there are more social media platforms than I can count, the ability to advertise your work and the endless amounts of opportunities, it's becoming increasingly harder to stand out and build a supportive following. While I've definitely been guilty of 'spamming' in the past to promote my content and to gain people's attention, I quickly learned I didn't enjoy the like4like, follow4follow, comment4comment attitude I was confronted with in return. Even though I have nothing against groups that are intentionally created for exactly those purposes, I'm finding it hard to find my place online. I've made it a point to be consistent, improve my content, be the best blogger I can be, but being faced with creators utilising spam bots, buying followers and going on like4like sprees, on a daily basis, can definitely be discouraging. I know that promoting my content should be my number one priority but for me this takes away from the fun of creating content in the first place. Because I suck at being supportive of other bloggers, in a way, and don't participate in social media threads, blogger events or twitter chats, I decided to put my audience first. While it is working, replying to comments within 24h, responding to private messages, be insanely active on my Instagram stories, show my personality and give people a chance to connect with me, progress is slow, really slow.