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Friday, 3 March 2017

NEW Essence 2017 Makeup Review

Essence has launched their new makeup collection for the 2017 Spring/Summer season and all of the products are now officially available in drugstores! Check out my post for an in depth review about the new ultimate Essence Cosmetics eye catchers: the Eye & Face Palette, the Instant Matt Foundation, more illuminating face products for that gorgeous sunshine glow and a setting spray! 

I didn't immediately love the idea of the Eye & Face palette from Essence but as soon as I got a good look at it in the drugstore I fell in love. I was especially bedazzled by the beautiful color combination in the 02 Rise & Shine palette, that rose gold eyeshadow and that peachy, golden highlight looked so juicy I needed to have it and I was not disappointed. I have a tutorial using only this palette here, you're gonna love it!

It's true that the shades are powdery (let's be realistic here) but that doesn't take away from the nice pigmentation and blendability of the product. The eyeshadows are perfectly doable and wearable without causing fallout or creasing. The blush and highlighter in this palette are definitely my favorite go-to's, a combination of the two looks gorgeous on top of the cheekbones.

Essence Luminous Matt Bronzing Powder 01 Sunshine €2.99

When I had a look at the Essence 2017 press release I knew this was one of the products I wanted to try. The Essence Sun Club Bronzer has always been a great success and I wanted to know whether this Luminous Matt bronzing Powder was going to be their next big hit.

I like the bronzer, it looks beautiful on the skin. I love that the effect it gives is very much like that from a baked makeup product. I do however have an issue with how powdery it is. I demonstrated it in my NEW Essence 2017 Makeup Haul & Review video here. The bronzer is pretty and it works well but the fallout is too much for me to handle.

Essence Mosaic Blush 35 Natural Beauty €2.99

If you're not familiar with Essence blushes you have been missing out! It's one of the best products in their makeup displays, check out my Youtube video where I talk about the Best Of Essence Cosmetics Makeup to make sure you're always up to date when it comes to Essence must haves. The Mosaic blushes have more than often been a part of my daily makeup routine and for good reason.

The pigmentation is great, the blush blends really well and the wearability is awesome. This new Mosaic blush in particular I find a bit more sheer compared to the others. It's a satin finish, nude, pinky color that is very neutral and shows like a my 'cheeks but better' blush. It's really pretty and perfect for those of you who want to wear a pink blush but don't want it to be overwhelming.

Essence Cosmetics now offers customizable palettes which is super exciting! You can buy individual pans of eyeshadows, blushes, lip powders and (currently) one powder bronzer and one powder highlighter. When I got this highlighter in my order, I couldn't quite believe my eyes. It's so tiny! 

UPDATE: These pans are in fact magnetic. I thought they weren't as they don't actually lock into place in the 'My Must Haves' palette because of the magnet, they need to 'pushed' in instead. Sorry for any confusion. This was brought to my attention by one of my readers, thank you!

If you look closely you can see there is a subtle sheen along my thumb, that's what the highlighter looks like when it is blended. It has a golden undertone and looks absolutely beautiful. I agree it's not something for everyone, the Pure Nude Highlighter from Essence can definitely not be compared to this but it has a nice formula, it's travel friendly and it's only €1.50-!

Essence Instant Matt Makeup Setting Spray €2.99

I've always been asked to do a review on the Essence setting sprays and even though I'm not necessarily a setting spray junkie, I do know how they work and what they're supposed to do, and this spray just didn't impress me very much. I didn't feel like it mattified my face at all, in fact my foundation actually melted off my face faster than usual so I don't really recommend it. I don't enjoy the chemical scent it carries either, a nice whiff of vanilla or roses would have made it so much better. I do like the way it sprays however, the spray is very fine and dispersed, something that doesn't happen often with affordable makeup.

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I also purchased 3 new Essence mascaras, a concealer, a lipgloss and a lipliner. I'm planning on reviewing those items later in separate blogposts for a more extensive review (see list above). As soon as those will be ready I will link them back for you! If you don't like waiting you can always check out my Youtube video where I have already reviewed this entire collection, here!

Which Essence 2017 makeup products do you want to get your hands on?! Let me know in the comments, I respond within 24h.

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  1. All of them just look so tempting..I wish Essence launch them in India too..Beautiful pics you have clicked.. <3 <3

    1. Figners crossed, I've heard makeup is expensive in India :) Thank you!

  2. I picked some goodies today at kruidvat and between them I picked these new individual pans, the eyeshadows were all shimmer no mattes except for a brown (already have so many) so I picked the little highlighter and the tiny bronzing one :) DISSAPOINTED NO SAMPLES WERE AVAILABLE TO SWATCH!

    I also thought these were magnetics but is ok the Zpalette I purchased once came with some extra magnets I can paste on them.

    I think they are not bad for the price. :) I also picked a mineralize highligther from catrice thinking it was going to be like the essence pure nude highlighter but definitely not, still a super nice one!

    sorry I think I wrote too much random stuff, loved your post, kisses :*

    1. Don't apologise, I love this! Thank you for sharing you haul and review haha :D I haven't even seen the individual eyeshadows myself, I hope the testers won't be stolen once I get a chance to go to Kruidvat XD It's funny that you mention the highlighter from Catrice because I've been eyeing it for a while now, it's looks so pretty! I think I'll still wait a bit before buying it because I've done too makeup much shopping already! I hope you're well and that your exams went smoothly. Have your lessons started again? Bisous Xxxx <3 :)

  3. lovely products and I love how they look, too! the relief on the mosaic <3 makes me want to buy 2: one to use and one to keep unspoiled :) I know what I'm going to go shopping for this weekend :)

    1. Aw that is awesome! The mosaic blush is so dope, and the pattern is very pretty indeed :D Love! Xxx

  4. Wow, great review, the products look really nice. I have the same Essie glitter nail polish and it's amazing, in love with it!

    1. Thanks! That Essie stuff is awesome :D what a coincidence! Xxx

  5. I love essence products. Really good and affordable. Perfect!

    1. Me too and the brand is so underrated! Xx


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