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Friday, 31 March 2017

How Much I Spent On Makeup This Month #3

The start of the Spring season has definitely changed the focus of my expenses this month, which is kind of understandable if you look at what I spent on makeup in February! Just in case you don't know, I started collecting receipts and writing down all of my expenses regarding my makeup shopping sprees. As a beauty blogger I feel like sometimes I try to justify many of my makeup purchases by simply stating 'I need it to blog' or 'I need it for my youtube channel'. To actually hold myself accountable I began this series on my blog to keep track of the amount of money that leaves my wallet for makeup products every month. Let's have a look at how much money I spent on makeup in March!

- Week 1 

After testing and reviewing some of the newest Maybelline 2017 makeup releases I decided to head out to the drugstore and see what else they had to offer. I don't often allow myself to buy Maybelline products because of the cost but this time Di Beauty (a Belgian drugstore) offered 2 Maybelline products with a €4 Discount and I had a €5 voucher if I spent more than €30. Great discounts here are pretty rare so I'm really glad I got to seek out some fun products!

- Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation €12.99 - discounted €10.99
- Maybelline Terre Indienne Bricks Bronzer €13.49 - discounted €11.49
- Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge €9.00 - discounted €4.00

- Week 2 

I've noticed I'm becoming quite reckless when it comes to buying 'the right shade' makeup wise. Last week I purchased a Maybelline Cushion Foundation that ended up being too dark for my skin tone so I wanted so see if maybe a lighter option would fit me better. To be totally honest, I'm not too proud of this purchase, I like the foundation (read the full review about the Maybelline Dream Cushion here) but I would have preferred to pick up the 'right shade' straight away. One of my other Maybelline purchases, the Terre Indienne Bronzer, also ended up being broken (it either broke in my purse or was already broken in the drugstore) so that was a bit of a bummer as well. I wish I would have payed more attention.

- Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation €12.99

- Week 3

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the focus of my spending habits changed a bit this month. Instead of makeup I purchased a new hair tool for 20 bucks and a couple of Spring clothing items. In the fashion department, Primark has a lot of cute stuff for the upcoming season. I purchased 2 cute pink and grey shorts for each €3 and a pair of sneakers for €16. The hair tool I bought is a curling iron with a wide barrel for creating beachy waves. Media Markt was selling some of their electronics without charging taxes so I also got a nice discount there!

-No makeup expenses €0

-Week 4

These were some very last minute purchases; I happened to find Primark's own versions 'lip kits' and thought a first impression review & demo for my Youtube channel would be really fun, so I picked up 3. Not only because they are so affordable but also because Primark lip products are actually not that bad. The PS makeup brush from Primark is something I simply would like to try, I mean for €2?! The quality seems to be looking good so far.

- Primark PS Tapered Powder Brush €2
- Primark PS Get Lippy Matte Lip Kit €4
- Primark PS Get Lippy Matte Lip Kit €4
- Primark PS Get Lippy Metallic Lip Kit €4

Total amount of money spent on makeup this month: €53,47

On one hand I can't believe my shopping list is 'so short' but on the other hand I think that I could have done without some of my purchases. Whenever it takes me a while to review makeup it either means that I'm not into it or I'm so into it that I forget about it, simply because I made a habit of using it everyday lol. This might sound a bit weird but many of the makeup reviews on my blog are first impressions. I rarely EVER change my mind about something, when I do I usually go back and update the blogpost after, it usually isn't too far off my first impression anyway. The only purchase this month that was actually necessary was the Real Techniques Makeup Sponge. I use it to apply my foundation and concealer every day and I highly recommend it.

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  1. I think you've done pretty well with your money, I didn't buy any new makeup this month but then again I don't usually blog about makeup :) I do need wanna try out some new concealers so that'll be my little treat for myself for my birthday!

    1. Aw that's cute :D you should let me know which ones you bought! I wonder how much other beauty bloggers spend, especially those who like high end makeup :) Xxx


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