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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Maybelline Color Drama Lip Contour Palettes Review

It started with simply contouring our cheeks and now we are contouring everything from our nose to our eyes to our lips and even our ears! Maybelline New York has joined the lip contouring clan and released 2 brand new Color Drama Lip Contour Palettes: palette nr 01 Crimson Vixen with dark and vampy reds and palette 02 Blushed Bombshell with a variety of nudes and neutrals. Let's have a look!

Every palette contains:

1 lip primer - (see image above) 1 Prime
3 matte lip liners - (see image above) 2 Line
3 matte lip colors - (see image above) 3 Color
1 lip highlight - (see image above) 4 Highlight

The lip primer is to moisturize, smoothen and prep the lips before applying any product.
The matte liner colors are to outline the lips, define the shape and/or create a base for the lip color.
The lip colors are to 'fill in the lips' and add color, just like you would with a lipstick.

The palette comes with all the instructions on the back if you're not familiar with the 'contouring' concept. Everything is clear and on point. I swatched out all the shades of the palettes one by one (see images below), except the primer and the highlighter, the primer shows up clear and the highlighter is rather subtle. Even though the lip colors of this palette all swatch creamy-looking, they do apply and dry down matte on the lips, which is something that isn't actually clearly stated on the front of the palette, which I have to admit is a little confusing. My least favorite shade in this palette is the highlighter, as it has a quite a greasy feel to it. My go-to lip colors however are, of course, the neutral ones in 02  Blushed Bombshell, I love love love me a nude matte lip!

In this photo I am wearing the 2 shades on the top of the neutral palette, 02 Blushed Bombshell. As you can see the product is very natural looking and smooth. It doesn't get into fine lines and gives a beautiful finish to the lips. Love! You can also see me wearing this combo in my - NEW IN Makeup Haul here on my Youtube channel.

For someone who's never been tempted to even come near any kind of lip palette I'm pleasantly surprised, I actually like this! The 'lipsticks' are pigmented, they wear well, are comfortable on the lips, the color combinations are endless and they look absolutely beautiful. Even though this is a lip contour palette I very much treated it like a lipstick palette, mixing different shades etc. I do find that the shades act more like a matte stain than an actual matte lipstick, but that just means I can kiss my boyfriend without leaving half my lipstick on his face! The palettes are travel friendly and even though I didn't take any pictures of the applicators that come with every palette I did use them! The reason why I didn't photograph them is because I usually don't use the applicators that come in palettes so that was a nice surprise as well. It's a little, black, double ended lipstick brush.

You can find the Maybelline Color Drama Lip Contour Palette at DI and Kruidvat for €15.99

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  1. Like you, I'm not usually tempted to buy lip palettes. I just prefer lipsticks/glosses/lipbalms/etc. over a whole palette. These shades do look very pigmented, so I guess that might be a reason to give it a try one day :) XXX

    1. I'm glad I finally go to try it, I feel like I sometimes get stuck in my habits :) getting out of your comfort zone is really needed, especially with makeup :D Xxx


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