Khloé Kardashian iPhone App Review

March 17, 2017

Let me start off by saying that I'm not a Kardashian stalker or a crazy super fan, my intent here is to review the KHLOÉ App from a beauty and lifestyle blogger point of view. I like the Kardashians, I like their show and yes I do keep up with them - but just so we are clear - I'm reviewing this just like I would review every other product/item/service on my site. I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts and let you know whether it's worth the subscription or not. My boyfriend surprised me with an iTunes card a couple weeks ago and I immediately knew I wanted to try one of the Kardashian/Jenner apps. Khloé is the one Kardashian sister I've been keeping up with the most lately, ever since her 'Revenge Body' series kicked off, so I decided to go with her app first! Let's have a look.

The Khloé app is a mix of blogposts and videos from either Khloé herself and/or people that she works with, featuring famous Hollywood trainers and nutritionists, people from her glam squad such as Nurse Jamie and Jen Atkin, Revenge Body participants and even fans! The topics include makeup, fashion, beauty, fitness, health, body positivity and dating advice! You can subscribe to Khloé's app for €2.99/month. Here are my thoughts!

The Khloé app - PROS

There's new content daily!

Khloé is really fun, has great energy and a great personality, in her videos as well as in her blogposts.

The KHLOCD series is my favorite, her organizational tips are the best.
She covers beauty, fashion, accessories, her pantry etc. It's dope!

A lot of emphasis is put on health and fitness, with tutorials, love!

You get exclusive 'Revenge Body' updates, which is really awesome if you like the show.

Although not one of my personal favorite features, fans can also contribute content to her app.
It shows that there's engagement, there's a conversation,  and it makes you feel included and valued.

The Khloé app - CONS

The app itself isn't as fancy as I thought it would be. The design is very 'simple'. At first I was also convinced there was no menu! It took me 3 days to find it *slaps forehead*.

Not all photos and videos on her app are high quality or full HD (I'm not talking about the old family pics & videos of course). Some are amazing quality and others are simply taken from her Instagram or Snapchat, which makes the content less exclusive.

The trailers, featured on her Youtube channel, from her app kinda already say it all.
The videos on her app aren't always that much longer.

Lots of it is prerecorded, meaning several videos are filmed in one day with no outfit change. I'm solely mentioning this because as a Youtuber I know this can be a problem for certain people.

Many of her Snapchat videos are featured, if you already have or follow her on that app it's kinda not so great.

My final thoughts 

I think my expectations for this app were way too high and maybe not very realistic. Perhaps I'm blinded by what I think the Kardashian glitz and glamour lifestyle really is. I feel like the app keeps it very real, I had a great time using it but I will not be updating my subscription. I would have loved an app with a more professional approach and more exclusive content. I'm fine just following and enjoying the content she, herself, posts on socials already.


  1. Nice, I will wait for a review on another app from them before trying it out then, I only have 7 pounds on my itunes account. Better spend it right hun, hahahaha! Xxx

    1. I love how you're waiting for me to spend my money first LOL XD Thanks hun! Xxx

  2. Okay, must admit I'm not that into the Kardashians so I was totally out of the loop on the whole app thing, I didn't even know Khloe had an app! It sounds okay, but I wouldn't pay for it, I think :)

    1. I heard from a makeup artist that they give great makeup and beauty tips on their apps that are different from what is shared on youtube (because that's where I spend most of ma days lol). I actually wanted Kim's app first but it didn't seem like she was very active on it since the robbery so I went for Khloé's. She really shining right now! I would pay €2.99 once to then keep it but €2.99 every month is a little too much x)

  3. I was really intrigued by this review as I'm never sure whether celebrity apps are really all that worth it! It doesn't sound like there's that much groundbreaking or exclusive content so I might give this one a miss! Would love to see you review some of the other Kardashian clan apps though!

    Abbey 🦋

    1. I have no clue about other celebrity's apps but I think in this case it's meant for actual super fans that are happy getting there hands on pretty much anything :D I have to say that ever since my subscription ended I haven't been too excited about the thought of subscribing to one of the other sisters, or at least not at for the moment :) Xxx


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