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Friday, 24 March 2017

Essence Camouflage Foundation & Concealer

Finding affordable base products, that actually work, isn't always that easy. Yes, the drugstore is filled with foundations and concealers, but drugstore prices don't necessarily mean that everything is inexpensive. Essence Cosmetics on the other hand does score on my best of budget friendly makeup list and is one of my go-to brands for many things: blush, mascara, lipsticks and lipglosses. Today I'll be reviewing their newest concealer and foundation from the Essence Camouflage makeup line.

The Essence Camouflage Makeup Foundation was launched last year, at the end of 2016. After a quick swatch in the drugstore I was so impressed by how smooth and pigmented it was, that I couldn't leave without throwing it in my cart. The Essence Camouflage Concealer launched just about a month ago, at the beginning of 2017. I really wanted to do a wrap up review of both products to see whether it would be essential to have all the Essence Camouflage makeup products for creating a flawless base. Here are my thoughts! 

Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer 10 Nude

I love a concealer that is smooth, somewhat moisturising, pigmented and keeps my under eyes crease free all day. As a person whose favorite concealers only retail between €2 and €6, finding a 'suitable' low budget concealer is pretty easy. However, the Essence Full Coverage Concealer isn't a formula I'm personally into. It's a good concealer but it is not really full coverage and it's quite dry, meaning you can't just apply it all over you face (under eyes, blemishes, T-zone) and start blending. Doing one area at a time is key. If you're familiar with the Collection concealer, that everyone raves about, this one from Essence is a great dupe. I find that the texture, the coverage and the way it looks on the skin is pretty much the same.

Essence 2 in 1 Makeup & Concealer Foundation 10 Ivory Beige

The Essence Camouflage Foundation to me is definitely a hit, especially compared to some of the other foundations that Essence has available. It's full coverage, it blends into the skin really nicely, it's great for people with a pale complexion because of its neutral undertone and it's long wearing! On the other hand, is it actually a foundation and concealer in one? That really depends on you, I still prefer using a regular concealer on the side because it's how I like my makeup. In the end, this foundation does exactly what the claims promise on the packaging!

Essence Camouflage Foundation is available at Kruidvat for €3.89
Essence Camouflage Concealer is available at Kruidvat for €2.59

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  1. Just bought that concealer!! But I won't try it for now... I have too many concealers open at the moment! Ugh!! Me and my makeup addiction!
    But I loved your review, you're one of the only beauty vloggers that keeps up with the only drugstore brands I have near by (Damn you, Europe, and your lack of other Drugstore and Affordable Brands...). So all of your reviews are appreciated! Keep with the great work!
    Cheers from Portugal! (And good luck, for the Eurovision! This year we have an excellent contestant!)

    1. I'm kackeling so much right now, did you happen to see my 'Eurovision party' on snap? Haha I love that show, I'll definitely cheer for you, I'm so excited and I cannot wait to see what you guys pull off! I agree that there's a lack of drugstore brands in Europe and no one seems to be interested in reviewing them. Everything in the US always gets way more attention :D Thank you so much! Xxx Hope you have the most amazing weekend <3

  2. So beautyfull


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