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Friday, 3 February 2017

NEW Catrice 2017 Makeup Collection Review

Catrice launched their new Spring/Summer makeup collection of 2017 and I was all over it. If you're not familiar with the brand you for sure have been missing out! Catrice Cosmetics is a budget friendly, drugstore makeup brand that has amazing makeup products of the best quality. Today I am reviewing a full face of their new makeup releases with some of the eye catchers: a brand new foundation, a new illuminating primer, contouring lip products, liquid metal eyeshadows and so much more! Here is a review of all the products I have tried and whether I think the Catrice Cosmetics 2017 makeup collection is a hit or miss. Let's have a look!

Catrice Prime & Fine Nude Glow Primer €4.59

This primer is amazing and my new best friend as it gives a gorgeous 'new and improved skin' effect. It's hydrating yet very primer-like as it doesn't lack the tackiness to make sure your foundation stays put and it has a very pleasant flowery scent to it. Love!

The product has the texture of a moisturiser and is subtly tinted blending in clear into the skin. The 'glow' factor of this liquid skin illuminating primer from Catrice is a finely milded shimmer that is almost undetectable but yet gives a gorgeous 'my skin but better glow'. I recommend it, it's my favorite out of all the Catrice face primers so far!

Catrice 24H Made To Stay Makeup Waterproof Foundation €6.99

The new Catrice Cosmetics foundation is not a must have in my opinion, in fact I feel like the formula was kept very standard, it's a simple basic Catrice foundation. It's nothing new or improved, especially compared to last year when Catrice really hit it off by releasing the Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation! They have 4 shades available and I got nr 010 Nude Beige.

The consistency of the Made To Stay Makeup is fluid, the formula oxidizes a lot (like ALL Catrice foundations do unfortunately) and is quite drying even though I have combination skin. I also find that it gets into fine lines and is prone to being patchy. I'm not impressed at all, I would have loved to see a stick foundation instead.

Catrice Prime & Fine Makeup Transformer Drops €3.59 

This is something I never expected from Catrice: lightening makeup drops to change and lighten the color of any foundation you might have in your stash. It's a great solution when your face products don't match your skin tone at this time. Right along with the lightening transformer drops Catrice also released a darkening one.

I like the formula, it's very pigmented and it's easily mixed with any kind of liquid foundation without altering the original formula. I do find that my skin gets oilier faster during the day whenever I use the transformer drops but it's nothing that can't be fixed with some extra powder, blotting paper or by the dab of a synthetic brush. My foundation still looks beautiful and the undertone hasn't changed. Love!

Catrice Slim Matic Ultra Precise Waterproof Brow Pencil €2.99 

If there is one product from this collection that you absolutely need to try it is this Anastasia Beverly Hills-like ultra precise eyebrow pencil from Catrice, I bought nr 020 Medium. The tip is superfine, the formula is pigmented, super smooth, it applies easily and lasts forever! I couldn't quite believe the price tag at first, only €2.99-? For an amazing brow pencil? After checking how much product this actually contains it made a lot more sense.

Only 0.05g .. !? A regular brow pencil contains about 1g of product. I have to be honest though and say that this is one of the best low budget brow pencils I've tried so far. It's incredibly easy to work with too, my eyebrows no longer take so much time to fill in, shape and define, a true gem!

Catrice Liquid Metal Cream Eyeshadow €3.99 

This is a makeup product that didn't quite do it for me, even though I was looking forward to trying this the most, out of everything in this new collection. The dow foot applicator of this cream eyeshadow is too large to work with on the eyes and the formula itself is difficult to blend using fingertips or brushes. It looses pigmentation in the process and makes the overall look seem patchy and weird.

I also had issues with this cream eyeshadow after wearing it for about 10 minutes, my eyes started stinging so bad that they were watering. The swatch of the product is beautiful though, that's for sure, the shade is 020 Champagne Shower.

Catrice Glam & Doll Sculpt & Volume Mascara €3.99 

The Glam & Doll mascaras is a line that is all too familiar when it comes to Catrice Cosmetics makeup and it is back again in 2017. I like the Glam & Doll formulas, I'm currently enjoying the Glam & Doll False Lashes edition and I was wondering whether this new mascara was going to win me over.

It did not, but that doesn't mean that this mascara is bad. In fact I quite I like it, it just doesn't make my lashes stand out. The synthetic brush doesn't pick up enough product and it makes it difficult to build up the intensity. My lashes are separated and black wearing this mascara but the look is super natural and doesn't make much of a statement. My lashes always end up looking light and feathery and to me it's just a little too basic. I prefer the False Lashes edition.

Catrice Lip Foundation Pencil €2.59 

I immediately loved the look of the new Catrice lip pencils, they are so sleek and almost look like they belong to a high end makeup brand. They also remind me of the H&M Beauty Lip Definers I'm obsessed with at the moment, I think they could be a great dupe. For the color selection of the Lip Foundations Catrice, mainly focused on nude shades. There are 4 lipliners available and I'm ready to purchase all of them!

The formula is pigmented, applies easily, has great staying power and is such an improvement from what Catrice previously offered in their makeup collection. I'm a fan and I want more! They are great to wear alone or as a base color for your lipstick. The shade in the image above is called 030 Addicted To Café Au Lait.

Catrice Velvet Matt Lip Colour & Contour Pencil €2.59 

The color selection of the Catrice Velvet Matte Lipliners is very different, much darker! They have 9 lip pencils available and I purchased nr 020 Love Among The rosewood Trees.

The Velvet Matt formula is a lot dryer than the Lip Foundation Pencil. It's still pigmented and long wearing but it doesn't apply as smoothly. I always prep my lips with a little lip balm before using lipliner, but for this Colour & Contour pencil it didn't really make a difference.

Catrice Ombre Two Tone Lipstick €4.99 

Makeup contouring is at its all time high and so is 'contouring' the lips quite a trend at the moment. The Catrice Ombre Two Tone Lipsticks is a range that is made to immediately give your luscious lips dimension in one easy swipe (see image below). The lipsticks are diamond shaped and come in gorgeous very high end-like packaging. I like the formula: it's pigmented, moisturising, long wearing and pretty, but the 'ombre' part is where I'm not that impressed.

I think this lipstick is difficult to work with if you really want to go for an ombre look, meaning it can get messy, especially when it comes to applying this product on your bottom lip. You either have to hold your lipstick upside down or apply it from a weird side angle. Personally I always just end up mixing both shades on my lips and it looks fine, not at all ombre of course. I do have to mention that the formula is very similar to the Catrice Supreme Fusion Lip Color & Care Lipsticks that were recently discontinued.



  1. I'm definitely going to pick up some of these up! The lightening drops are just what I need- I can only find something similar from The Body Shop and the reviews I've watched aren't super positive. And that brow wiz? I neeeeeeed that, I just hope they have my shade! ;)

    1. I have the one from the Body Shop and it's actually quite nice but I'm with you on the once from Catrice! It's affordable and it works :D Let me know what you've hauled when you get a chance ;) Xxx

  2. OK, I want the lightening drops, primer, and Lip Foundation Liners! I still have plenty of the HD Liquid Foundation & like it. thanks so much for these reviews :-) :-)

  3. OK, I want the lightening drops, primer, and Lip Foundation Liners! I still have plenty of the HD Liquid Foundation & like it. thanks so much for these reviews :-) :-)

  4. I don't know why absolutely no Ulta's have this brand in-store around my location (I'm in the Midwestern United States). Because of the fact I can't test out Catrice in store, I just don't buy online. Thus, I have never tried Catrice, sadly! The mascara and brow pencil look divine!

    1. I used to be like you, not buy anything online, now that I kinda know how I like my makeup it makes it a lot easier. I'm sorry you can't find it in stores, it's definitely frustrating, maybe you can ask them if they ever plan on having it in the drugstore :) Xxx

  5. I find that the foundation is pretty good if skin is prepped with hydrating products beforehand! But then again my skin is a little on the oily side to begin with :). But the oxidising is a little annoying, especially when I was a little paler.

    But I really want to give the eyebrow pencil a try! I had seen it before but I never really bothered picking it up. Won't make that mistake again.

    1. Catrice foundations are very loved I know, they've just never really worked for me personally. I do buy most of them though :D just to see if they've made any kind of changes! Xxx


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