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Friday, 17 February 2017

Maybelline 24 Karate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review

From now on Maybelline New York has a new gorgeous eyeshadow palette available in their displays: the 24K Nudes. A palette designed with beautiful matte and shimmery shades showing gold, bronze and copper tints. The kaki shade also deserves attention: kaki green is a color that is everywhere at the moment, not only in every newly released eyeshadow palette but also on the hangers in fashion stores, I'm seeing a trend! Maybelline sent me a couple of their new 2017 makeup products and this 24 Karat Nudes palette really sparked my interest. Here is my review and swatches of their newest eyeshadows. Let's have a look!

Going into this I was a little sceptical about the quality of the eyeshadows, Maybelline has released other palettes similar to this one such as: The Nudes palette, The Smokes palette, The Blushed Nudes, The Rock Nudes and most of the beauty bloggers I personally follow weren't that enthusiastic, and I understand why. Some of the eyeshadows in this palette are very powdery and cause fall out as a result, which is not that great for creating elaborate eyeshadow looks. I have however found my own twist in using this palette and have ended up actually really liking it. I'm really surprised about how natural it came to me to reach for these kind of shades on a day to day basis, putting together simple but bright and popping looks.

Here are the first 4 shades of the palette swatched starting from the left side. We have a beautiful, matte, dark brown that is excellent to darken up the crease, a shimmery purple for all over the eyelid, a satin white that can be used under the brow bone and a shimmery nude to add some extra iridescence on the lid.

Now, here's where the eyeshadows are a little chalky in my opinion. These other shades somehow feel different compared to the previous ones: we have a pearly white, a light bronze, a kaki shimmery green and a matte black. The matte black is easy to work with, surprisingly! The pearly white I never really pay attention to and the light bronze has A LOT of shimmer, even when I just want to apply this on my eyelid it ends up everywhere.

The last shades are my go-tos in this palette, apart from the shimmery black. The matte nude is the perfect base color to start any eyeshadow look with, sweeping it all over the lid, the crease and up until the brow bone, it feels really smooth too. The gold makes for a great pop of color on the eyelid and the shimmery brown makes for a nice crease color.

The Maybelline 24K Nudes is the perfect palette for those of you who like an 'eyeshadow quick fix' where you dip your finger in an eyeshadow and swipe it all over your lid, just for that little something extra. Because some of the shades are not ideal to work with, using your finger tips will maximise the pigmentation of the shadow and reduce fall out. I enjoy a lot doing 'mono eyeshadow looks' (as I like to call them), especially with shimmery shades. It makes my small eyes stand out beautifully. In this palette there is more than enough to make your eyes shine bright like a diamond, whether you like day time or night time makeup looks. My favorites are definitely the pure gold and the lighter brown coppery shadows!

The Maybelline 24 Karate Nudes palette is available in Belgium at Kruidvat and Di at the retail price of €16.99-

Let me know what your all time favorite eyeshadow palette is and what you think of this new Maybelline addition! Are you going to have a look at it in the drugstore? I respond to comments within 24h!



  1. ooh, I like it a lot! I do have a khaki eye shadow in a li'l Chanel palette I got from my mom. maybe I should use it more.

    1. Good idea ;) Thanks for checking out my post! Xxx

  2. This palette looks really pretty! I must look into this!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Hi Nicole! Hope all is well, have a nice weekend 😘☀️


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