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Friday, 24 February 2017

Essence Instant FAIL Makeup Foundation

The new Essence Cosmetics 2017 Spring/Summer Makeup Collection has launched and is now readily available in drugstores. I want to start off by reviewing the Essence Instant Matt Makeup Foundation. I've been very impressed by Essence foundations in the past and I didn't want to miss out on their newest formula: a longlasting, high coverage, waterproof foundation infused with a special blend of mineral powder pigments for an instantly flawless finish and a matte complexion. Let's have a look!

I almost feel like I made a mistake by picking up this foundation, because as soon as I got to take a look at the formula my eyes rolled to the back of my head: Essence Cosmetics put a mousse-like foundation in a tube! I feel a little cheated, I don't like mousse foundations and they don't actually agree with my skin, they never do, so I wouldn't intentionally review mousse products unless I think there's something different or interesting about it. The Essence Mousse Concealer is a good example of that. There's no point in reviewing makeup that, I know, doesn't work for me, but now that I have purchased and tried this foundation I'll tell you about it anyway.

The mousse-like foundation feels really stiff in the tube, which is odd, and it isn't easy to squeeze out, in fact you need to squeeze quite hard. Once you manage to apply it to your face, that's when you'll notice it's a mousse formula. It makes your skin look flawless at first and the product blends easily but the way it wears and the longevity of this foundation simply isn't that great. A couple hours in, the foundation completely deteriorates around the nose/mouth area and starts looking patchy. Every pore on my face was visible, accentuated and close to gross looking, no matter how hard I tried to actually blend and press in the product. Hell, I discovered pores on my chin I didn't even know about! I think it's safe to say that unless you know that mousse formulas work for you, I wouldn't purchase this.

In the picture below you can see the accentuated pores on my chin and lower jaw. The texture you see aren't pixels they are actual pores that became visible because of the foundation, which is something that is very unusual for me and my skin. You can also spot the same on and around my nose, including the foundation that sunk into fine less on the top of my cheek.

I'm disappointed and I find the 'mineral powder matt complex' claim a bit deceiving, especially for someone like me who tries to avoid mousse products as much as possible. I've used foundations from Essence Cosmetics that are better, much better! What is your favorite foundation? Do you like low budget or high end foundations? I respond to comments within 24h!

Essence 18H Instant Matt Makeup Foundation is available at Kruidvat for €3.99

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  1. Oh, no. So sorry you had such a bad experience with this one. I've only tried a mousse foundation once & it was a long, long time ago. Story short, I absolutely hated it! I'll definitely be steering clear of this one. Thanks for sharing :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. It's definitely something makeup brands could leave in the past for me :D You're welcome! Xxx

  2. Oh no what a shame it's such a disappointing foundation. I love Essence, they're such a great brand xx

  3. OMG, I don't want to even think what this foundation would do with my pores.. O_o


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