Successful blogger

Growing an empire online is beyond challenging, especially when you don't have a background in business, marketing or simply don't have the right connections. There are however a couple of things that definitely play at your advantage when you're planning on making yourself a great online success, fast, whether you are blogging or simply aiming to be next big Instagram sensation. I don't often make fun of online trends but I've been confronted with so many that it's just too good to leave it. Here we go! You're not a successful blogger because ...

You don't have a pet

Having your pet featured on your social media accounts immediately gets all the pet lovers on board. No matter what your target audience is, people with pets will love your content! Pet lovers have an instant connection with each other, by putting your pet online you create a whole new realm and reason for people to follow you. 

You don't have the latest new iPhone 

iPhones are the new portable computer, you can literally do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g on the go. Having the newest iPhone means you can film in HD, take the best pictures for your online content #letmetakeaselfie, be connected with your audience at all time and include it as an accessory in all your blog posts! Your blog post photos will have that instant feel of glam and success! Don't forget that marble phone case though, or your iPhone's useless. 

You don't own a rose gold watch 

If you don't have the newest watch around your wrist at all times, you are missing out on those likes and shares, hun. Right now, it is the hottest accessory out there. Doesn't matter if you can read the clock or not, jeez, have you been living under a rock? Having a watch included in every fashion, and non-fashion post for that matter, is an absolute must. Rose gold or Daniel Wellington, please! 

You're not a vegan 

If you want to be an online success, you have to be vegan. Get those veggies and fruits in and the vegan lifestyle community will skyrocket your traffic like it's nobody's business. It's all about being green and clean and lean. Enough of that emotional eating, go raw and all your problems will be solved!

You don't have a flawless, white Instagram feed 

Get that #instalife going though! Every single photo you post needs to be washed out to the max, white and perfect and certainly not forced. Get some white sheets, a lot of white sheets, and get yo breakfast, MacBook, stilettos and sexy lace socks on there! Adidas shoes have also been very in, so if you don't have a pair, I'd be ordering some white now, ehm, right now. Your life will look so flawless everyone will want to be you, and of course, follow you.