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Monday, 30 January 2017

Primark PS PRO Liquid Matte Lipsticks Review

Primark Beauty recently released more new makeup: the PS PRO Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipsticks! If you are looking for an in dept review of the entire makeup line I have a blogpost for you here and I also have another article for you about Primark PS PRO makeup tools here. I'm very familiar with the PS PRO line and I was excited to see they finally added some beautiful lipsticks. I picked up three liquid lipsticks from the collection: an iridescent pink called 01 Nude in Private, a nude called 02 Pink in Excess and a vampy red 04 Dark in tension. Let's have a look! 

The packaging of these PS PRO Kiss Proof Liquid Lipsticks is gorgeous, similar to the PS PRO lipglosses but smaller and with a matte cap. The color selection is great, I'm not exactly sure how many are available at Primark but I did spend quite some time choosing 3 completely different shades, to make sure I could make a fully thorough review. As I mentioned these lipsticks in a Drugstore Makeup Haul on my youtube channel not so long ago, a lot of you brought to my attention that these are identical to the Golden Rose (it's a Turkish make up brand) Longstay Liquid Matte Lipsticks, which counts 17 shades available! A great tip for those of you who do not have a Primark nearby. 

Primark PS PRO Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick - 01 Nude in private

Primark PS PRO Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick - 04 Dark in tension

Primark PS PRO Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick - 02 Pink in excess

As much as I love the creamy formula and the vanilla cake scent that these carry and the awesome and intense pigmentation of these liquid lipsticks, they didn't make it into my favorites for the sole reason that they get into fine lines sooo badly. A lipliner usually does the trick just right, but that didn't do much for me with the PS PRO formula, which is very unfortunate. The longevity is okay, I prefer for liquid lipsticks to fade rather than flake, these flake but it's nothing that cannot be fixed by reapplying an extra coat. They also take a while to dry down but it's nothing to be mad about. The formula is comfortable and leaves your lips in good shape. I've heard some liquid lipsticks literally suck the life out of your lips but I don't have any issues with these. The Primark PS PRO Liquid Matte Lipsticks retail for €4.00- each. I will not be picking up more but I do think this is a great budget find for people who have fuller, luscious lips or for those of you who like using lip plumpers! 

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  1. Thanks for this! Mattes are my absolute favorites! Lip eyes or nails it makes no difference they're the best.
    I see what you're sayin about them getting into the lip lines, I was eyeing the Dark in tension one but now by the look don't think I would like it.
    Thanks again


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