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Monday, 9 January 2017

Glitter For The New Year - With Essie Luxeffects

A new year, a new start! To make my 2017 blogging debut extra special for you (and for myself, lol) I decided to bring in some extra sparkle and bling bling by featuring some beautiful glitter nail polishes I received from L'Oreal: the NEW Essie Luxeffects Nail Lacquer Top Coats! I don't know about you, but I'm always in for some over the top shine to brighten up my day! The best part: this was my first time trying Essie nail polishes, you can imagine my excitement. Today we are trying 3 Essie Top Coats: the black polish nr 457 in the mood ring, the gold polish nr 458 glow your own way and the pink polish nr 459 disco doll. Let's have a look! 

To show you exactly how much bling every Essie Luxeffect polish is able to pull off I went with a completely white nail polish base and two coats of each Essie glitter top coat. To funk it up just a little I did a mix of all 3 shades on my pinky and I love how that turned out, like an intense silver! I have to admit I never expected these nail polishes to have so much 'coverage'. Most of the glitter top coats I have tried in the past were always pretty sheer. Also, the time these took to dry was nothing compared to some of my other manicures, I'm impressed. 

Essie Luxeffect nr 457 in the mood ring €12.49 

Essie Luxeffect nr 458 glow your own way €12.49

Essie Luxeffect nr 459 disco doll €12.49

My personal favorites are definitely the gold and the pink glitter top coat, I feel like they are more versatile and compatible with other base colors. The black top coat would look better if I had used a more vibrant nail lacquer underneath in my opinion, so I'll definitely check that out in the future. Are you in for some extra glitter and glamour this year? I am! I have yet to find out the longevity of these varnishes but so far they've got me hooked. Have more questions about the Essie Luxeffect Top Coats? Leave them in the comments below and I'll get back to you. Happy New Year! Xx Jolien

The Essie Luxeffects Nail Lacquers are exclusively available at Di Beauty & Care.

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  1. Ooooh, deze zijn echt top! Wil ze zelf misschien ook wel.
    Liefs Iep

  2. Oh wow, this glitter is diamond like. The sparkles set me in such a party feel :P I'll defo check it out, thanks for the preview. How's it in Brussels with the snow? Xxxx

    1. You're welcome honey! I wish Brussels had snow, have you seen snow? :D


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