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Monday, 5 December 2016

Shaka Beauty Contouring Palette Review

Contouring, shaping, sculpting, .. the labels for makeup products that give dimension to the face by are endless! Other than highlighting, contouring gives a warmer appearance to the skin, a natural shadow and sun glow. I love to contour, as it can turn my round face into a sharper, more expressive look. Shaka Innovative Beauty kindly sent me two contouring makeup palettes. Did the drugstore makeup from Shaka convince me? Let's have a look!

Lay out of each palette: On the top row we have a concealer (on the left) that could also be used as a highlighter or as an eyeshadow base, and a cream highlighter on the right, with a satin finish. On the bottom row we have a light brown shade (on the left) that can be used as a concealer if you have darker skin and a dark brown shade (on the right) to give warmth to your face, both with a natural finish.

Both palettes have a cream formula. 

Swatches from top to Bottom:

First 4 swatches Shaka Palette Contouring 01 Light 
Last 4 swatches Shaka Palette Contouring 02 Medium

I like these contouring palettes, even though they look identical both live and in pictures, you can clearly see a difference in undertone in the swatches. The 02 Medium contouring palette is warm and the 01 Light is more cool toned. I have a pretty fair skin tone but I'm still able to wear both of these palettes, they equally look as flattering on the skin. The product is pigmented, smooth and easy to blend, the shades don't show up patchy or cakey and look great blended in with the Primark PS PRO Expert Face Blending Brush. If there's one thing that these palettes lack it is an actual contouring shade to carve out those cheekbones, I think the brown colors are better off used to warm up the skin. Used as a bronzer they look beautiful applied on the perimeter of the face: around the forehead and the jawline. The lightest shade is great both used as an under eye concealer and as a highlighter on the cheekbones and T-zone. I didn't think I would be a fan of the actual highlighter in this palette, considering I wasn't gaga about the Shaka Highlighter Palettes at all, but I am. While it's not visible in the swatches, once on the face this highlighter is beautiful and definitely makes a statement without overpowering the rest of your face makeup.

Even though the shade combination is a bit odd (I would have swapped out the light brown for an ashy, contouring shade), I like these palettes. The formula is amazing, and the palette itself is super travel friendly. I don't think the pans are big enough to comfortably dip a brush in, so I suggest using your fingers instead, which will warm up the product and make it blend into the skin beautifully. 

Shaka Innovative Beauty Contouring Palette €8.99 

Shaka Innovative Beauty is available at OVS, Upim & Coin.



  1. This looks chic, do you think it will work out a nice makeup look for a party evening (no disco, more like a fancy dinner and concert)?

    1. Definitely! And it's travel friendly so you can easily do touch ups ;) Xxx


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