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Monday, 12 December 2016

Catrice Cosmetics Makeup Review 2016

Catrice Cosmetics is an affordable yet trendy makeup brand that always aims for great quality makeup products at the best prices. Next to Essence Cosmetics, Catrice has quickly become one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands. They have beautiful, high quality products that are not only affordable but work amazing. Today I am reviewing some of the eye catchers in their displays: among those are Catrice Cosmetics face products, eye makeup products such as different formula eyeshadows, mascara and of course we cannot forget Catrice lipsticks! Here is a review and wrap up of all the makeup products I have tried in 2016 and whether I think they are Catrice Cosmetics hits or misses. Let's have a look!

Catrice Nude Illusion Foundation €7.59 

Finding a full coverage foundation that actually looks like your own skin is no longer difficult, makeup brands like Catrice Cosmetics have changed the game, perfected their formulas and a skin-like finish face product is now a staple. The Catrice Nude Illusion Makeup Foundation was recommended to me by a fellow Catrice fan who told me this is similar to the BB Alround Foundation they discontinued (ages ago), which I really enjoyed using. Catrice promises it's long lasting with a luminous matte finish and a no makeup feel effect.

I only have 3 requirements when it comes to foundations: it needs to cover up the redness I have on my cheeks, look natural and give me a healthy, glowing complexion. Because I have already tried Catrice foundations before I know their consistency is usually pretty thick and full coverage and this one is no different. I picked up one of the lightest shade of the range, 010 Nude Ivory, and applied it using my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to achieve the ultimate skin-like look.

My skin looks nicely evened out when I wear it and any other face products I apply on top have great staying power. I look healthy, glowing and any kind of redness or blemish is nowhere to be found. There are however a couple of things I need to address about this foundation: I did notice that a good primer and an excellent skincare routine is a must for making this product work. There were a couple of occasions where I turned full blown orange because the foundation oxidised on me so badly. Building up the coverage wasn't really an option for me either, using as little product as possible is the trick, as it also latches on to dry patches making the foundation look slightly cakey in some areas, even when using a dampened makeup sponge. All in all the foundation is nice but I did expect it to be a little bit more of a lightweight formula hence the name 'Nude Illusion'.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage Waterproof Concealer €3.59 

I immediately loved the idea of a waterproof concealer as some hard core staying power definitely is what I want from my makeup. Catrice went for a yellow toned concealer this time (yellow toned products are excellent to correct redness on the skin) so I was really excited as this is very much an issue for me and my skin. 010 Porcelain is the shade I purchased.

I like the Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Waterproof Concealer, the dow foot applicator works well, the coverage is great, the staying power is good and it color corrects the skin very nicely. It does dry fairly quickly though, so I suggest you start concealing one side of your face first and then the other when doing your makeup. I like to use my beautyblender to blend in the product for a more natural looking, skin-like effect.

I only have one remark about this concealer: it's heavily fragranced. I seem to be the only girl on the planet bothered by heavily fragranced makeup products but I thought I should mention it, especially for those of you who have sensitive skin or prone to allergies. Apart from that, Catrice gets a thumbs up from me for this baby, it's my favorite concealer from their display.

Catrice Cosmetics Highlighting Powder €3.99 

Highlighter definitely is a staple in my everyday makeup routine. Catrice released some with a cute cushion design, and I was intrigued. They have 010 Stardust, which has a pink undertone, and 020 Champagne Campaign, which has a golden undertone, and is the one that I purchased.

Unfortunately I'm quite disappointed with the pigmentation even though it shows up just fine in the swatches. I expected much more of a wow effect with these, just by the overall look of the product. The cushiony design made it look so luxurious and promising but the formula is dry and dusty and I don't like it. Catrice can do better, much better. I don't think it blends into the skin well at all.

Catrice Cosmetics Illuminating Blush €3.99 

I've always been really enthusiastic about Catrice Cosmetics blushes, especially their defining blushes, they have an excellent formulation. When it comes to these Illuminating blushes I have a Catrice bronzer just like them (which also has been discontinued and replaced with the Catrice Deluxe Glow Highlighter Palette), with the exact same pattern. I love that bronzer more than anything so my expectations for these blushes are high.

On the top we have 010 I am Nuts About You and on the bottom 020 Coral Me Maybe. There is also a third illuminating blush available in a plum color which seems to be quite popular as it is always sold out, 030 Kiss me Ken.

Just like with the highlighter, I actually expected a bit of a wow effect with these. They are pricier and stand out from the regular Defining Blushes, hence the packaging and design. The pigmentation and the staying power is great, but that's about it. The illuminating blushes are not as smooth and the formula is powdery. I got bored of them very fast, as i was testing them for review I had to force myself to reach for them which was slightly annoying. If you are looking for a basic blush, these are nice, I'm simply disappointed because they looked promising and special but turned out to be totally dull.

Catrice Cosmetics Absolute Eye Colur Eyeshadow €2.89 

Not so long ago I made a great eye makeup discovery in Catrice Cosmetics's makeup display: the Matt Absolute Eye Colour monos! I picked up a beautiful chocolate brown at first, the Catrice Absolute Eye Colour shadow in the shade 930 Hakuna MATTata, and then later on a peachy pink in the shade 930 Peachahontas.

The formula of these is incredible: they are smooth and very pigmented. Hakuna Mattata is a crease color made in heaven, it is powdery but blends out easily and flawlessly. Peachahontas performs in the same manner and is beautiful as a transition color. I like to use these in combination with my H&M Beauty Eyefidelity Primer, they stay in place all day long and do not crease one bit. A true drugstore gem!

Catrice Cosmetics Stylo Eyeshadow Pen €3.99 

Next up is the Catrice Stylo Eyeshadow Pen in 030 Copper and Paste. Eyeshadow sticks have been making a huge comeback and I don't dislike it. This copper shade is absolutely gorgeous, it's super reflective, pigmented and has amazing staying power. It's really easy to apply, blends nicely and doesn't need to be fixed or set with an extra powder shadow on top. Super easy for travel, especially if you like minimal, one color eyeshadow looks.

Catrice Cosmetics Glam Fusion Eyeshadow €3.99 

The new Glam Fusion Eyeshadows from Catrice have a twist to them: it's a powder to gel formula and it works! All the shades are extremely pigmented and pretty. They released six different colors that vary from neutral browns to the new denim trend blues, and the shadows are perfect for that intense pop of color all over the eyelid. These eyeshadows will really stand out even with a simple eye makeup look.

Catrice Cosmetics Luxury Lashes Cashmere Protein Mascara €4.89 

To complete a one brand review for my Youtube channel I picked up a new mascara from Catrice Cosmetics. Not having tried any of Catrice's mascaras for absolutely ages I was real excited about my purchase. I went for one of their new releases: the Luxury Lashes Volume Mascara in Ultra Black, a mascara with a fragrance and a V shaped, traditional brush. It's infused with cashmere protein, which is an ingredient that not only softens but also smooths out your lashes to make the mascara hold better and longer.

The fragrance strikes you immediately as you pull out the brush from the tube, it's subtle, sweet and pleasant. The brush is a bit dramatic for my taste but nothing I cannot work with. Other than the fact that I would have liked this mascara to be more thickening I actually quite like it. The lashes are very easily coated and separated. The formula is lengthening, buildable without clumping and holds curl very well. What I was the most impressed with is that it doesn't smudge whatsoever thanks to the cashmere protein. I was also pleasantly surprised that it's real easy to remove at the end of the day, a little micellar water on a cotton pad and the job is done. A drugstore mascara at it's finest!

Catrice Cosmetics Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick €3.99 

I love the look of these Shine Appeal Fluid Lipsticks from Catrice Cosmetics, they're sleek, minimal and fancy. They have 8 different shades to choose from with anything ranging from nudes to classic reds. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Catrice created a formula that has the pigmentation of a lipstick and the shine of gloss. I went for a pinky-nude called 080 Rose, Would You .. ?, the lightest shade, and 110 Best Seller, Truth Teller, the darkest shade.

Even though Catrice labels this as a fluid lipstick I found this product under the 'lipgloss' category of their website and rightfully so. This is a very pigmented and great quality lipgloss. A bit unfortunate for those looking for an actual affordable liquid lipstick however. I do think they should have labeled this product differently, fluid or liquid lipsticks are usually much more intense, opaque and longlasting. Other than that I really like this product, it's smooth, tastes like cookie dough ice cream, does not get into fine lines and feels really comfortable on the lips. The applicator is easy to manage and picks up enough product to coat the lips evenly. I find myself reaching for this a lot.

Catrice Cosmetics Supreme Fusion Lipstick €4.99 

At last we have the newer Supreme Fusion Lip Color and Care Lipstick in the shade 010 ReNUDE your Lips. I haven't been such a fan of what Catrice has released in the past few years when it comes to lip products but this time they've really swept me off my feet. I absolutely love the smooth and moisturising formula of this lipstick! I thought it would be lipbalmy and sheer, with only limited color pay off, but I was wrong. The lipstick is pigmented and nourishing at the same time without being slippery or greasy. I like it a lot, it's the perfect winter weather staple.



  1. Wauw, wat een mega review! Er zitten heel veel mooie producten tussen, I love Catrice!

    1. Dankje! Ik heb technische problemen gehad met mijn blog en wou graag dat mijn content weer online was, dit leek een fijne oplossing :D Xxx

  2. Such a nice review... i like to add a tiny drop of face oil to the nude illusion foundation and it blends out beautifully for me that way and yes totally agree with the heavy scent from the concealer. But i happen to like the blush in i am nuts about u, it looks lovely on my skintone. But i put it on with a damp sponge, this eliminates the fact that its powdery to some extent!!

    1. Yay! Thanks for your tips, I'll definitely try them :D

  3. Wat een geweldig grote review! De collectie lijkt toch wel heel goed te zijn, over all. Ik ben super benieuwd naar de foundation en concealer, wel lastig dat je er oranje van wordt... Malou x

    1. Ik raad je aan om met de concealer te beginnen, die is echt super :D Xxx

  4. Hi Jolien.

    Great review as always. I have a super dark under eye. Can i use the Catrice camouflage waterproof concealer to cover the darkness? Or could you recommend some other drugstore concealer? Thank you so much in advance Jolien!

    1. Yes, that conceaker from Catrice will suit you just fine! It's the one concealer with the most coverage in my collection, I think you'll like it 😘 Thank you and you're welcome! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 🎄💜


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